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A Possible Preventive and Treatment For Covid-19: Vitamin C, Glutathione

Our Medical Agencies Knew Of A Probable Preventive and Treatment For Covid-19

For months, no one in our health agencies has said anything about how we might protect ourselves against covid-19, except to isolate, wear masks, social distance, etc. Nothing about our protecting ourselves by improving our immunity.

But they knew about a probable treatment for covid-19 in April, and understood the mechanism and cause of its deadly effects ("dyspnea" - difficulty breathing) in May.

Why didn't they follow up and tell us - and the rest of the world - about it? Perhaps it was not on their radar: it isn't a vaccine or patentable drug.

On April 21, 2020 three doctors reported (in PubMed) 2 cases of covid-19 with difficulty breathing. They were given a small amount of intravenous or sublingual glutathione. Their symptoms improved in ONE HOUR and continued to improve with subsequent doses of glutathione.

On May 28, an article was published in the National Library of Medicine that confirmed that glutathione deficiency was the primary cause of death for covid-19 patients.

Why were there not large studies done? Why was this not published to doctors here and abroad? Why is this information not discussed and published by our medical leaders? Why is this not in the hands of ordinary people, who fear for themselves and their loved ones?

People could be taking glutathione precursors to prevent serious disease onset. Doctors could easily provide glutathione to prevent death.

Perhaps there is a motive we are not looking at. The medical establishment of the US has never been keen on promoting natural treatments. They are focused on patented medicine and vaccines and cannot see - or don't want to see - how easy it would be to stop this pandemic with supplements anybody can buy.

More information and Regimen

The mechanism and cause of death of covid-19

The following may be a little complex without medical knowledge, so I'll explain.

The central chemical that protects us all from infection and toxicity is called glutathione. If you don't have enough glutathione, a virus like covid-19 can make you very sick or kill you.

And here is how it works with covid-19: without enough glutathione, your body goes into an "emergency" state, producing "help me" messages called "cytokines.". Those messages, coming from your lungs, then start the generation of mucous. It continues to build up until you can't breath. You drown in your own mucous

People who are already sick, or malnourished, or have a chronic illness such as heart disease or diabetes or asthma, or they are old, have less glutathione than young, healthy people. Healthy children have the most, which explains why they typically don't get sick at all or have very mild symptoms.

Your body makes glutathione, but it needs other nutrients to make it, called "precursors." It can also be given to you intravenously (into a vein) or by mouth (sublingually) by a doctor.


Vitamin C - 4000-6000 mg per day (you may get diarrhea if you take too much). Vitamin C recycles glutathione, and is needed for many different aspects of immunity as well. You cannot get enough vitamin C from food.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - There are also many natural food sources of NAC. You can supplement 1200 mg per day.

Glycine - There are many natural food sources of glycine. You can supplement 6000 mg per day.

Glutamic Acid - There are many natural food sources of glutamic acid. No supplementation is needed.

Vitamin D 10,000 IU per day

Zinc pycolinate or citrate - 25 mg per day

High-quality multivitamin/multimineral supplement.

If you become ill, increase vitamin C dosage Add Quercetin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Still, of course attempt to avoid getting the virus at all. Wear a mask and gloves when going out of your home. Use surgical procedures when re-entering your home, remove exterior clothing into a large plastic bag (to laundry, or leave for 3 days to disinfect by itself), shower, disinfect anything brought into your home - mail, groceries, etc.

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