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A Possible Preventive and Treatment For Covid-19: Vitamin C

Vitamin C Is A Safe Immune Booster And Likely Mitigation/Treatment For Covid-19, And It's Available Now!

The key to stopping the deadly effects of COVID-19 is Boosting Immunity With Large-Dose Vitamin C

(Please note: do not take Trump-recommended hydroxychloroquine - as it is a toxic chemical used in the 1950s for malaria - it destroys immunity, causes cancer, or kills you outright.)

PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY. Please share with family, friends, and neighbors. Please share with your doctor so he or she can tell other doctors. It can make the difference between life and death for people who contract covid-19.

1. Covid-19 is a vitamin C depleting virus, that is, the toxins created by covid-19 consume a large amount of vitamin C for their detoxification.

2. What apparently makes covid-19 so deadly is our own hyper-immune response to it. when our bodies are immune deficient, namely when we lack sufficient vitamin C, we synthesize chemicals called "IL-1" and "IL-6" (short for Interleukene-1 and -6). Most of the people killed by covid-19 had compromised immunity. (See reference below).

3. Vitamin C can therefore be used as a preventive of the deadly effects of covid-19, and as a treatment. Hospitals in China, and a few in the US, have been using very large doses of vitamin C to treat their sickest patients.

Now we know what we can do: vitamin C taken in large doses reduces or even eliminates the synthesis of IL-1 and IL-6, preventing and/or stopping the hyper-immune response. And you can take it to reduce or eliminate these deadly symptoms

If you follow what I am saying above, then you understand just plain vitamin C is the key to stopping the deadly aspects of covid-19. It is as simple as that.

You can take 4000-6000 mg per day (in 3 doses, with meals) and is a perfectly safe to take this amount as an immune system booster every day. It is not toxic in any dose. Chinese doctors used 100,000 mg intravenous infusions of vitamin C for their severely ill covid-19 patients.

Recommendation: buy vitamin C online, from stores that specialize in high quality vitamins rather than the drug store. Add 5000-10,000 IU of vitamin D per day, zinc 25 mg per day, plus a new supplement called Monolaurin (derived from coconut oil) which breaks down the cell wall of viruses - 500 mg two times per day.

If you become ill, increase vitamin C dosage Add Quercetin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Still, of course attempt to avoid getting the virus at all. Wear a mask and gloves when going out of your home. Use surgical procedures when re-entering your home, remove exterior clothing into a large plastic bag (to laundry, or leave for 3 days to disinfect by itself), shower, disinfect anything brought into your home - mail, groceries, etc.

References: Common covid19 reference file