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Type 2 Diabetes - A New Understanding

Causes And Treatments


Diabetes is one of those afflictions that most doctors really don't seem to understand. Its cause is actually is actually quite straightforward, but only really discovered in 2009. Doctors usually blame it on patient obesity. bad diet, or lack of exercise. But none of that is the case.


What Is Type 2 Diabetes?


The simple definition of diabetes is the inability of the body to properly convert glucose from the bloodstream into cellular energy.


This is a serious progression, because glucose is the primary energy fuel for most of the cells and organs of our body. Without it, cells - and eventually entire organ systems - can starve and die. When cells need energy, they send chemical signals to the liver to produce glucose, and to the pancreas to produce insulin. Under normal circumstances, cells then utilize the insulin to convert glucose into cellular energy. Type 2 diabetes is the inability of cells to use insulin to convert glucose into cellular energy, because the insulin is blocked from entering the cells. The medical terminology for this is "insulin resistance."


What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?


Type 2 diabetes - insulin resistance - is caused by the presence of a chemical messenger, called Interleukin-6 (abbreviated IL-6), in the bloodstream. Cells cannot use insulin to convert glucose into cellular energy, because the insulin is blocked from entering the cells by the presence of IL-6.


Our cells continue to send continuous signals for more insulin and more glucose. Excess insulin causes conversion of glucose into fat. Excess glucose causes harm to many organs..


Yes, it is as simple as that. But no one knew the molecular chemistry until recently, and very few doctors know about it today.


Where does IL-6 Come From?


IL-6 is a chemical messenger that is created at artery and capillary repair sites when there is insufficient ascorbate (vitamin C) in the bloodstream to form collagen for the continuous repair of arteries, small arteries, and capillaries that carry nutrients to all of our cells. IL-6 can be thought of as an emergency chemical alarm.


The amount of vitamin C needed varies widely, but it is typically in the thousands of milligrams (mg) per day. Most wild animals produce their own vitamin C, but humans cannot, so we must consume it. Most people only consume small amounts of vitamin C - in citrus fruit and multivitamins, which are insufficient.


IL-6 triggers cells to inhibit normal glucose metabolism, making them insulin resistant.


IL-6 also triggers the liver to synthesize Lipoprotein(a), abbreviated Lp(a), a sticky, temporary "band-aid" which our body uses to prevent us from bleeding internally when we don't have sufficient vitamin C to form collagen for proper artery and capillary repair.


The problem is this: if we chronically have insufficient vitamin C, IL-6 causes the accumulation of Lp(a) at the thousands of repair sites in the arteries and capillaries, eventually blocking them. This is cardiovascular disease. It also causes chronic insulin resistance. This is type 2 diabetes. Because these two diseases have a common cause, there is a 100% correlation between them. If you have type 2 diabetes, you also have cardiovascular disease.


This progression - the blockage of arteries and capillaries, combined with cellular inability to convert glucose into energy - causes cellular starvation. Cells and capillary networks lose their function or die off completely, leaving fatty deposits of Lp(a). Entire organ systems can be affected, such as adrenal and thyroid function, chronic fatigue from whole-body nutrient starvation, chronic depression, liver and kidney damage, heart attack, stroke, and many other afflictions.


The typical treatment for type 2 diabetes is medication that reduces blood glucose, such as Metformin. This may be effective in reducing the harm caused by excessive glucose. Intensive exercise routines can also help in somewhat reducing insulin resistance. But these measures do not reduce or eliminate the production of IL-6. Many cells will continue to be insulin resistant, and Lp(a) will continue to be created, so that disease progression continues unabated.


Note: IL-6 cannot be measured directly. But you can monitor Lp(a) in your bloodstream with a simple blood test, that can be ordered by your doctor, and its presence indicates the presence of IL-6. The ideal is zero, called non-detectable. If the measured amount is greater than single-digit (1-9 mg/dl) then you are at risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Is There A Cure For Type 2 Diabetes?


The answer is: Yes, there is. It requires consuming sufficient vitamin C for collagen repair.


However, it must be done very carefully, especially if a glucose-reducing medication has been prescribed. Once there is sufficient ascorbate levels are reached and repair sites stop creating IL-6, millions of cells suddenly can utilize insulin to convert blood glucose into energy, and glucose levels can drop extremely rapidly, causing a hypoglycemic reaction.


So the introduction of vitamin C should be done slowly and carefully, starting with one dose of 500 mg per day with a meal, monitoring blood glucose levels, and progressively increasing vitamin C dosage by 500 mg each week, dividing the doses by meals. Over time, increase the dosage of vitamin C to 2000 mg per meal, three times per day, for a total of 6000 mg per day.


There is no toxic or hazardous dose of vitamin C. However, during this increase you may encounter diarrhea; this is because oral vitamin C is not very well absorbed in your small intestine (only about 25%) and the rest is mildly irritating to the large intestine. If this is the case, try eating several bananas per day to resolve it. If that does not work, lower the dose to the point where the diarrhea is not a problem, as you have reached your "bowel tolerance dose" of vitamin C.


If you are taking a glucose-reducing medication and glucose levels go below normal, you can slowly reduce the medication as you increase the vitamin C dosage, since it will no longer be needed when your glucose-to-energy system is working normally again.


Meanwhile, in order to remove the accumulations (cardiovascular plaques) of Lp(a) in the arteries and capillaries, you can take two amino acids - lysine and proline - 2000 mg of each amino acid with each meal, a total of 6000 mg of lysine and proline each day. It takes several months to remove the Lp(a) accumulations.


In addition, a good supplement regimen should include 1000 mg of calcium and 1000 mg of magnesium per day, as well as a high-quality multivitamin/multimineral supplement.


Your daily vitamin C is a lifetime commitment to prevent recurrence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. I recommend continuing the lysine, proline, calcium, magnesium, and multivitamin supplement as well.


For more information about Lp(a), cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, see the article The Six Stages Of Cardiovascular Disease.


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