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BP Oil Spill Update 5/28/2010, 6:30 PM

[The Gulf, the oil volcano, is a crime scene. Why is Obama's Justice
Dept. not launching criminal investigations already? ]

Ex-EPA Officials: Why Isn't BP Under Criminal Investigation?
Friday 28 May 2010
by: Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t | Report
Why hasn't the government launched a criminal investigation into BP?
That's the question several former Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) officials have been asking in the aftermath of the catastrophic
explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig last month that
killed 11 employees and ruptured a newly drilled well 5,000 feet below
the surface that has spewed tens of millions of gallons of oil into
the Gulf if Mexico.
"BP is a convicted serial environmental criminal," West said. "So,
where are the criminal investigators? The well head is a crime scene
and yet the potential criminals are in charge of that crime scene.
Have we learned nothing from this company's past behavior?"


Smart Pig: BP's OTHER Spill this Week
With the Gulf Coast dying of oil poisoning, there's no space in the
press for British Petroleum's latest spill, just this week: over
100,000 gallons, at its Alaska pipeline operation. A hundred thousand
used to be a lot. Still is.


Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy

USF researchers troubled by layers of oil found in Gulf
"We went for several days seeing absolutely no sign of oil whatsoever
on the west Florida shelf,'' Peebles added. "It wasn't until we got
into the Desoto Canyon area of the Panhandle that we started to see
evidence of oil.''
And what they found truly troubled them.
Scientists found evidence of dissolved hydrocarbons that they are
trying to determine if they came from the oil itself or from the
850,000 gallons of dispersants that have been used to fight the gusher
in the Gulf. They are invisible to the eye, but show up in tests and
could eventually pose a serious concern to all kinds of marine life.


Gulf oil spill is public health risk, environmental scientists warn
• Pollution could do lasting damage to locals' health
Prolonged exposure to crude oil and chemical dispersants is a public
health danger, environmental scientists warned today as BP spent a
third day trying to initiate a "top kill" operation to cap the
ruptured well on the sea bed.


BP Suspends "Top Kill" For Second Time After Trying Two Junk Shots.
Less Than 10% of Injection Fluids are Staying Inside the Leaking Pipes
As I reported yesterday, the "Top Kill" attempt to stop the oil flow
using mud had failed, and BP would now try to use a "junk shot" to
close the leaks in the pipe using various debris.


Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered


BP Criminals In The Gulf
It is hard, if not impossible, to find any way that the conduct of
both BP and its key decision making officials responsible for the
Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, and corresponding mass loss of life, do
not fit within the ambit of the above crimes. Why has the Obama
Administration and its DOJ not acted? Why is there not a dedicated
criminal investigation open and securing critical evidence?


BP ships in clean-up crews to Grand Isle for Obama's visit
BP, the oil company taking flak for its inconsistent response to the
massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, bused in 400 workers to Grand
Isle today to pose as clean-up crews during President Obama's visit,
Jefferson Parish Council Chairman John Young said.

"It appears to have been a PR stunt by BP, not to say we don't
appreciate the extra participation," Young said. "We certainly need
them, but we don't need them for just one day that happens to coincide
with a visit from the president."


BP's Shocking Memo
Now The Daily Beast has obtained a document—displayed below—that goes
to the heart of BP procedures, demonstrating that before the company’s
previous major disaster—at a moment when the oil giant could choose
between cost-savings and greater safety—it selected cost-savings. And
BP chose to illustrate that choice, without irony, by invoking the
classic Three Little Pigs fairy tale.

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