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BP Oil Spill Update, TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010

Senator Nelson: The BP Well Itself May Have Lost Structural Integrity
[w/ video links also]

On June 2nd, Bloomberg pointed out:

Plugging the well is another challenge even after BP successfully
intersects it, Robert Bea, a University of California Berkeley
engineering professor, said. BP has said it believes the well bore to
be damaged, which could hamper efforts to fill it with mud and set a
concrete plug, Bea said.

Bea is an expert in offshore drilling and a high-level governmental
adviser concerning disasters.

On the same day, the Wall Street Journal noted that there might be a
leak in BP's well casing 1,000 feet beneath the sea floor:

BP PLC has concluded that its "top-kill" attempt last week to seal its
broken well in the Gulf of Mexico may have failed due to a
malfunctioning disk inside the well about 1,000 feet below the ocean


The broken disk may have prevented the heavy drilling mud injected
into the well last week from getting far enough down the well to
overcome the pressure from the escaping oil and gas, people familiar
with BP's findings said. They said much of the drilling mud may also
have escaped from the well into the rock formation outside the

Yesterday, Senator Ben Nelson told MSNBC that he's investigating
reports of oil seeping up from additional leak points on the seafloor:

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL): Andrea we’re looking into something new
right now, that there’s reports of oil that’s seeping up from the
seabed… which would indicate, if that’s true, that the well casing
itself is actually pierced… underneath the seabed. So, you know, the
problems could be just enormous with what we’re facing.

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC: Now let me understand better what you’re
saying. If that is true that it is coming up form that seabed, even
the relief well won’t be the final solution to cap this thing. That
means that we’ve got oil gushing up at disparate places along the
ocean floor.

Sen. Nelson: That is possible, unless you get the plug down low
enough, below where the pipe would be breached.

Indeed, loss of integrity in the well itself may explain why BP is
drilling its relief wells approximately twelve thousand feet (and see
this) beneath the leaking pipes on the seafloor.

And prominent oil industry insider Matt Simmons believes that the well
casing may have been destroyed when the oil rig exploded.

On May 27th, Simmons addressed this issue on MSNBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

On May 26th, Simmons referred to this again on a second appearance on MSNBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And he referred to it again on Bloomberg on May 28th:


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