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Michigan Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ACME                     TOTAL PETROLEUM (ACME)                 5980 US 31 NORTH                       MID980993356

 ADA                      AMWAY CORPORATION                      7575 EAST FULTON ROAD                  MID006026793

 ADRIAN                   ADRIAN SALT STORAGE CITY OF            RACE ST                                MID981187982

 ADRIAN                   ADRIAN WWTP                            1001 OAKWOOD RD                        MID980619142

 ADRIAN                   ANDERSON DEVELOPMENT CO                1415 EAST MICHIGAN STREET              MID002931228

 ADRIAN                   ANO ENTERPRISES                        932 EAST MICHIGAN STREET               MID094799954

 ADRIAN                   BRAZEWAY INCORPORATED                  2711 EAST MAUMEE STREET                MID005035910

 ADRIAN                   BUCKEYE PROD CORP                      410 E BEECHER ST                       MID005044813

 ADRIAN                   DURA CORP                              1365 E BEECHER                         MID006556351

 ADRIAN                   GMC INLAND FISHER GUIDE                1450 EAST BEECHER STREET               MID084571256

 ADRIAN                   HYDRO ALUMINUM BOHN, INC.              1607 EAST MAUMEE STREET                MID063705990

 ADRIAN                   KEWAUNEE SCIENTIFIC                    700 S CENTER                           MID099975831

 ADRIAN                   LENAWEE CO RD COMM MAIN ST             NORTH ADRIAN HWY                       MID077559961

 ADRIAN                   LENAWEE DISPOSAL SERV CO               1983 NORTH OGDEN HIGHWAY               MID054165030

 ADRIAN                   MDOT ADRIAN                            2451 N ADRIAN HWY                      MID094807252

 ADRIAN                   MICHIGAN MINERAL                       MAUMEE                                 MIT270013667

 ADRIAN                   MICHIGAN PROD DAIRY CO                 OGDEN HWY                              MID981188238

 ADRIAN                   PALMIRA TWP FERTILIZER SPILL           BEECHER & PARR RDS                     MID981089634

 ADRIAN                   PPG INDUSTRIES, INC                    961 DIVISION STREET                    MID048788749

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ADRIAN                   RAILROAD AVENUE PLATING CO             1028 RAILROAD AVE                      MID981527955

 ADRIAN                   SWS SILICONES CORP                     3901 SUTTON RD                         MID075400671

 AKRON TOWNSHIP           SHORTY'S DUMP                          LIKEN ROAD & BERGER ROAD               MID981092869

 ALBION                   AIRCO RARE & SPECIALTY GASES           1715 E MICHIGAN AVE                    MIT270012701

 ALBION                   ALBION ETHER SITE                      1725 E. MICHIGAN                       MID985595768

 ALBION                   ALBION SHERIDAN TOWNSHIP LANDFILL      13355 29 MILE ROAD                     MID980504450

 ALBION                   ALBION STREET DUMP                     1203 E NORTH                           MID981187990

 ALBION                   BROOKS FOUNDRY LAGOONS                 1712 E. MICHIGAN AVENUE                MID005392303

 ALBION                   CALHOUN CO RD COMM ALBION              12980 27MI RD                          MID981187487

 ALBION                   MCGRAW-EDISON COMPANY                  704 N CLARK ST                         MID005339676

 ALBION                   MID-MICHIGAN METAL PROD                900 BROCK RD                           MID089964167

 ALBION                   UNION STEEL PRODUCTS INC. PLANT 1      500 N. BERRIEN ST.                     MID005318522

 ALDEN                    FUEL OIL SPILL ALDEN                   SEC28 T29N R08W                        MID981189921

 ALGONAC                  M29 & MICHIGAN ST                      CORNER OF M29 & MICHIGAN ST            MID981534449

 ALLEGAN                  ALLEGAN METAL FINISHING CO             1274 LINCOLN RD                        MID006016190

 ALLEGAN                  HUITT & SONS INC                       RTE 2 BOX 50 DUMONT RD                 MID980506414

 ALLEGAN                  ROCKWELL INTL CORP ALLEGAN PLANT       ONE GLASS ST                           MID006028062



 ALLEN PARK               HEUBLIEN INC                           2500 ENTERPRISE DR                     MID016701542

 ALMA                     ALMA CITY OF                           MUNICIPAL WELLS #4 & #5                MID980990931

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ALMA                     ALMA IRON & METAL                      7040-7150 S STATE RD                   MID980608673

 ALMA                     ALMA PROD PISTON CORP                  2000 MICHIGAN AVE                      MID005378146

 ALMA                     GRATIOT FARMER'S SUPPLY                WRIGHT ST                              MID981089576

 ALMA                     LOBDELL-EMERY MANUFACTURING COMPANY    520 REPUBLIC STREET                    MID005378112

 ALMA                     TOTAL PETROLEUM - MIDWEST SITE         1290 N BRIDGE ST                       MID980901938

 ALMA                     TOTAL PETROLEUM ALMA REF               EAST SUPERIOR ST                       MID005358130

 ALPENA                   ABITIBI-PRICE CORPORATION ALPENA       416 FORD AVENUE                        MID005338157
 ALPENA                   ALPENA CITY LANDFILL                   M-32 3.3MILE WEST OF BAGLEY STREET     MID980504476

 ALPENA                   ALPENA COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION          1400 BAGLEY                            MID085901031

 ALPENA                   KURVAN BAIT SHOP                       US 23N                                 MID016706418

 ALPENA                   LAKE HURON DRUM SITE                   900 FEET NORTH OF ROCKPORT DNR         MID985585769

 ALPENA                   LANCEWICZ REFUSE TRUCKING CO           4197 LONG LAKE RD                      MID058339342

 ALPENA                   MAPLE RIDGE TWP DSPL                   5558 LACOMB RD                         MID981002736

 ALPENA                   PHELPS COLLINS ANG BASE                AIRPORT RD                             MID980902639

 ALPENA                   RESIDENTIAL WELL FRENCH RD             6214 FRENCH RD                         MID981192636

 ALPENA                   SCHEUNER CONSTRUCTION                  2441 US 23S                            MID980679740

 ALPENA                   SODIUM BORATE DSPL                     DUBEY GRAVEL PIT                       MID981002694

 ALPENA                   THUNDER BAY RIVER SITE                 11TH ST AND 9TH ST                     MID985640630

 ANN ARBOR                ANN ARBOR BIOLOGICAL CTR               6780 JACKSON RD                        MID093058568

 ANN ARBOR                ANN ARBOR MUNICIPAL LANDFILL           PLATT & ELLSWORTH                      MID981089535

 ANN ARBOR                ARMEN'S CLEANERS                       630 S ASHLEY                           MID016708935

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ANN ARBOR                BRAUN CHARLES F WHSE                   4175 WHITMORE LAKE RD                  MID981100746

 ANN ARBOR                FEDERAL MOGUL CORPORATION              3900 RESEARCH PARK DRIVE               MID000809749

 ANN ARBOR                GELMAN SCIENCES INC                    600 S WAGNER RD                        MID005341813

 ANN ARBOR                MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED COAL PLT #1      BROADWAY                               MID981188733

 ANN ARBOR                MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED COAL PLT #2      BEADES & SUMMIT STS                    MID981188725

 ANN ARBOR                RESIDENTIAL WELL NANCY DRIVE           70 NANCY DRIVE                         MID981539588

 ANN ARBOR                SPECIAL METALS CORP UDIMET POWDER DIV  2310 S INDUSTRIAL HWY                  MID005358791

 ANN ARBOR                STAEBLER RD GW CONTAM                  33 N STAEBLER RD                       MID981539547

 ANN ARBOR                THETFORD CORP                          7101 JACKSON RD                        MID053334892

 ANN ARBOR                UNIVERSITY OF MICH LDFL #1             WASHINGTON HEIGHTS                     MID981188667

 ANN ARBOR                UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LDFL #3         GLAZIER WAY                            MID981188675

 ANN ARBOR                US DEPT OF COMMERCE/NOAA GREAT LAKES   2205 COMMONWEALTH                      MI6131490025

 ANN ARBOR                US EPA MOTOR VEHICLE EMISSION LAB      2565 PLYMOUTH ROAD                     MI0680032265

 ANN ARBOR                WASHTENAW CO RD COMM ZEEB ROAD         301 N ZEEB RD                          MID087740288

 ARBELA TWP               LEWIS RD 1/2MI N OF WILLARD RD         LEWIS RD                               MID981188568

 ARMADA TWP               QUARRY SITE                            OMO RD                                 MID980499800

 ASHTON                   RESIDENTIAL WELLS VLG OF ASHTON        SOUTH OF ASHTON                        MID981001738

 ATHENS                   MUNICIPAL WELLS ATHENS                 WEST DR S                              MID981188022

 ATLANTA                  ESSEX GROUP INC                        RIEMAN RD                              MID980612352

 ATLANTA                  MONTMORENCY OSCODA LDFL                SEC6 T29N R03F                         MID981002751

 ATLANTA                  RESIDENTIAL WELLS ATLANTA VILLAGE OF   BRILEY TWP BOX 7                       MID980679625

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 AU GRES                  SIMS-WHITNEY TWP DUMP                  VAN HORN & BESSINGER RDS               MID980679781

 AUBURN                   DOW CORNING CTR                        2200 W SALZBURG RD                     MID005353487

 AUGRES                   AUGRES TWP LDFL                        NAGGLE RD                              MID980991731

 AVON                     SANDFILL LDFL #2                       1911 HAMLIN RD                         MID980499875

 AVON TWP                 CHRISTIANSON DUMP                      2991 HAMLIN RD                         MID980504625

 AVON TWP                 DUMP AT PROPOSED ADAMS LDFL            HAMLIN RD & ADAMS RD                   MID980678734

 AVON TWP                 J & L LDFL                             HAMLIN RD                              MID980609440

 AVON TWP                 KINGSTON DEV                           1805 HAMLIN RD                         MID049260789

 AVON TWP                 OAKLAND COUNTY DUMP                    21 MILE & DEQUINDRE                    MID000606855

 AVON TWP                 STANS TRUCKING INC                     HAMLIN ROAD                            MID006570105

 BAD AXE                  DAVIS WASH KING                        656 SO VAN DYKE                        MID981092927

 BAD AXE                  HURON CO SOLID WASTE DSPL SITE # 1 &   SEC21 T16N R14E SEC4 T16N R11E         MID088330428

 BALDWIN                  AUSTIN TUBE CO                         4477 FORMAN RD                         MID980614093

 BALDWIN                  CHESSIE SYSTEM DERAILMENT              8TH ST                                 MID981188501

 BALDWIN                  NEW WAY LAUNDRY                        ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980678916

 BANCROFT                 G & G DISPOSAL INC                     6166 BATH RD                           MID000257808

 BANGOR                   BANGOR MUNI WELL                       EXCHANGE ST                            MID981002702

 BANGOR                   DUWELL METAL PROD INC                  CEMETARY RD                            MID980504708

 BANGOR                   LANGLOTZ BARNEY FARM                   CENTER ST                              MID981094782


 BARK RIVER               STENBERG TANK FARM                     US HWY 2 & 41                          MID059502054

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BATES TWP                BATES TWP DUMP                         BATES GAASTRA RD ROGERS LOC            MID981093750

 BATH                     ALLIED DISPOSAL                        5293 CLISE ROAD                        MID045885894

 BATTLE CREEK             BATTLE CREEK SALT STORAGE              BENNETT ST                             MID981188030

 BATTLE CREEK             BATTLE CREEK WRECKING                  185 MCCALLISTER RD                     MID981196611

 BATTLE CREEK             CALHOUN CO RD COMM BATTLE CREEK        1040 RAYMOND RD                        MID981187495

 BATTLE CREEK             CLIFF STREET WELLS                     275 CLIFF ST                           MID044260990

 BATTLE CREEK             EATON CORP                             463 N 20TH ST                          MID006403349

 BATTLE CREEK             FARM BUREAU SERV                       3701/2 C DRIVE N                       MID980991244

 BATTLE CREEK             GLOBAL PAINT & INK CO                  74 LEONARD WOOD DR                     MID981001746

 BATTLE CREEK             GRAND TRUNK WESTERN RR                 409 WEST JAMESON STREET                MID079300075

 BATTLE CREEK             MAIN STREET DUMP                       MAIN ST                                MID981187438

 BATTLE CREEK             MICHNER PLATING CO/UNITED STEEL WIRE   105 S WASHINGTON                       MID006571087

 BATTLE CREEK             QUAD L CORP                            11 MILL ST                             MID005389697

 BATTLE CREEK             RAYMOND ROAD LDFL                      21093 6 MILE RD                        MID083688325

 BATTLE CREEK             RESIDENTIAL WELL CREEKVIEW             116 CREEKVIEW                          MID981188055

 BATTLE CREEK             SHAY MOTOR CO                          200 ELM ST                             MID127871424

 BATTLE CREEK             SULLIVAN OIL CO                        290 PENNBROOK                          MID980991194

 BATTLE CREEK             THOMAS SOLVENT CO                      1180 NORTH RAYMOND ROAD                MID039993902

 BATTLE CREEK             VERONA WELL FIELD                      TWP 10S RTE 07W SEC 32E 1/2            MID980793806

 BATTLE CREEK             WASTE MANAGEMENT INC./CEREAL CITY      580 HUBBARD RD                         MID980608475
 BAY CITY                 AEROSPACE AMERICA INC                  900 HARRY S TRUMAN PARKWAY             MID000718346

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAY CITY                 BANGOR TWP SAN LDFL                    2370 TWO MILE RD                       MID981092844

 BAY CITY                 BAY CITY MIDDLEGROUNDS                 800 EVERGREEN DRIVE                    MID981092935

 BAY CITY                 C & 0 RAILROAD BAY CITY                WATER ST                               MID981785157

 BAY CITY                 DORE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT INC        501-607 MORTON & BACKUS ST             MID005359286

 BAY CITY                 DOW CHEM CO BAY CITY PLP PLT           4675 E WILDER RD                       MID054681440

 BAY CITY                 DOW CHEM CO MICHIGAN DIV               4868 E WILDER RD                       MID005380258

 BAY CITY                 GMC CHEVROLET PONTIAC CANADA PLT       100 FITZGERALD ST                      MID005356688

 BAY CITY                 GMC NODULAR IRON FOUNDRY               RIVER RD                               MID980678999

 BAY CITY                 KUHLMAN ELECTRIC                       GARFIELD AVENUE & 26TH STREET          MID985664788

 BAY CITY                 LABADIE OLDSMOBILE                     244 SAGINAW                            MID055662936

 BAY CITY                 SAGINAW RIVER DRUM                     SOMEWHERE IN SAGINAW RIVER             MID985651066

 BAYSHORE                 BAYSHORE US 31                         US 31 HWY                              MID981096134

 BEAR LAKE                BEAR LAKE                              7249 SOUTH SHORE DR.                   MI0001098698

 BEAVERTON                BEAVERTON TWP DUMP                     GUERNSEY                               MID980991749

 BEAVERTON                BILLINGS TWP DUMP                      ESTEY RD                               MID980679617

 BEAVERTON                D & B DSPL                             HAWKINS RD                             MID980991772

 BEAVERTON                LONG HARRY TOPE #3                     SOUTH BEAVERTON OIL FIELD              MID980991848

 BEAVERTON                TOBACCO TWP REFUSE SITE                VANDYKE RD                             MID980991939

 BEDFORD TWP              STEVEN'S LDFL                          DEAN RD 1/4M E OF DOUGLAS RD           MID980679831

 BELDING                  BELDING TOOL & MACH CORP               1114 S BRIDGE ST                       MID006012256

 BELDING                  CONSUMERS POWER CO                     BRICKER RD                             MID980993463

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BELDING                  H & K SALES (MICHIGAN RADIOLOGIC)      BRIDGE STREET                          MI0001271535


 BELDING                  PITSCH LDFL                            KIDVILLE RD                            MID981196629

 BELLAIRE                 LAMINA INC LAMINA BRONZE PROD DIV      1000 FAIRGROUND RD                     MID006017966

 BELLEVILLE               AMERICAN WASTE OIL CORP                44141 YOST ROAD                        MID050598390

 BELLEVILLE               CARELTON ROAD WEST BARREL DUMP         23285 CARELTON W RD                    MID981189889

 BELLEVILLE               EDISON POND                            SW OF DENTON ROAD - I-94 SERVICE DR    MID985650514
 BELLEVILLE               MONTIE DRUMS                           44151 BEMIS ROAD                       MID985622265

 BELLEVILLE               SATTERLEE SUMPTER LDFL LYLES TRUCKING  40195 JUDD RD                          MID091958603

 BELLEVILLE               WAYNE DISPOSAL INC SITE #2             49350 N SERVICE DR                     MID048090633

 BELLEVILLE               WESLEY DRUMS REMOVAL                   46264 WILLOW RD                        MID985633791

 BELLEVUE                 WILLOW DRUMS                           42875 WILLOW RD                        MID985630193

 BELMONT                  NORTHEAST GRAVEL CO                    4300 CANNONSBURG                       MID049236821

 BENTLEY'S CORNERS        AMOCO PIPELINE CO                      WEST DRIVE S                           MID981188006

 BENTON HARBOR            AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS (MICHIGAN          715 NORTH SHORE DRIVE                  MI0001119106
 BENTON HARBOR            AUTO SPECIALTIES/RIVERSIDE             2060 RIVERSIDE                         MID043356807

 BENTON HARBOR            CERTIFIED METAL FINISHING              424 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  MID980568521

 BENTON HARBOR            CERTIFIED METAL FINISHING INC          424 W MAIN ST                          MIT270010283

 BENTON HARBOR            HARBOR PLATING WORKS                   724 SOUTH FAIR STREET                  MID985601061

 BENTON HARBOR            MICHIGAN STANDARD ALLOYS ALRECO        ARTHUR MENDEL RD                       MID054753322
 BENTON HARBOR            MID WEST TIMER                         4815 N US 33                           MID016746398

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BENTON HARBOR            NORTHWESTERN BERRIEN COUNTY SAN AUTH   RTE 4 BOX 698A                         MID980678932

 BENTON HARBOR            PRIEBE BROS CO/TRUCK SPILL             8031 NAOMI RD                          MID980993380

 BENTON HARBOR            REMINGTON RAND                         PARK & 4TH ST                          MID980612345

 BENTON HARBOR            TRAVEL INN MOTEL                       655 RIVERVIEW DR                       MID016746448

 BENTON TWP               EATON COUNTY SOLID WASTE DSPL          4574 WINDSOR HWY                       MID980504732

 BENZONIA                 BENZONIA LAUNDROMAT                    2979 BENZIE HWY                        MID020891370

 BERGLAND                 BERGLAND TWP LDFL                      1MI W OF STANKO LAKE                   MID980993505

 BERLIN TWP               WAYNE DSPL #1                          US TNPK BTWN ROBERTS & REAME           MID980678429

 BERRIEN CENTER           TRI-TOWNSHIP LDFL                      RTE 1 BOX 17A W FAWN RIVER RD          MID980501985

 BERRIEN SPRINGS          BERRIEN SPRING MUN WELL FIELD          TUDOR RD                               MID980703037

 BERRIEN SPRINGS          BUCKHORN TRAILOR COURT                 ROUTE 1 BOX 193                        MID981001696

 BERRIEN SPRINGS          RED OAK FURNITURE                      US 31N PO BOX 182AA                    MID981528193

 BESSEMER                 IRON WOOD PROD CORP THE                YALE AVE PO BOX 167                    MID046537312

 BEULAH                   IMPERIAL OIL                           578 BEULAH HWY                         MID981089592

 BIG BAY                  POWELL TWP LDFL                        POWELL TWP HALL                        MID980993398

 BIG RAPIDS               ANR PIPELINE CO W G WOOLFOLK COMP STA  SE1/4 SE1/4 SEC4 T14N R9W              MID085887503

 BIG RAPIDS               ROGERS HEIGHTS SERV CTR                10495 NORTHLAND DR                     MID980993364

 BIRCH RUN                TAYMOUTH TOWNSHIP LDFL                 4532 EAST RATHPUN                      MID980501944

 BLAIR TOWNSHIP           CARLS TIRE RETREADING SITE             5175 SAWYER DRIVE                      MI0001401918

 BLANCHARD                RESIDENTIAL WELL WYMAN                 2073 FOURTH ST                         MID981532971

 BLANCHARD                WICKES AGRICULTURE                     1383 THIRD ST                          MID980993323

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BLISSFIELD               BRUBAKER CLARENCE FARM                 4998 IFFLAND RD                        MID980615835

 BLOOMFIELD MILLS         PIP PETROLEUM CORP (SIA)               1876 RATHMORE                          MID047177613

 BOYNE CITY               ALLIED SIGNAL AEROSPACE COMPANY        375 NORTH LAKE STREET                  MID048222608

 BOYNE CITY               ALTAIR TOOL & ENGR CO STAMPING DIV     PLANT RD                               MID062233903

 BOYNE CITY               BOYNE CITY DUMP                        OLD HORTON BAY RD                      MID980994073

 BOYNE CITY               ESSEX GROUP INC                        475 N LAKE ST                          MID048226203

 BOYNE CITY               HOWES LEATHER CO                       WEST FRONT ST                          MID980678841

 BRECKENRIDGE             DISPOSAL WELL #1                       MADISON RD ADJACENT BUSH CRK           MID980609424

 BRECKENRIDGE             DISPOSAL WELL #2 BOB CRUMBAUGH PROP    MADISON RD                             MID980608541

 BRECKENRIDGE             SAUNDERS ROBERT                        3113 S NINE MILE RD                    MID980678296

 BRIDGEMAN                MANLEY BROTHERS OF INDIANA             WILLOW RD                              MID980993430

 BRIDGEPORT TOWNSHIP      BUS WHITE LDFL                         7415 DORWOOD                           MID980504542

 BRIDGMAN                 ANR PIPELINE                           BROWNTOWN & PARDEE ROAD                MID980824809

 BRIGHTON                 ALLIED CORPORATION C & D POWER         221 FIRST STREET                       MID095406179
 BRIGHTON                 BRIGHTON CAMERON INC                   800 WHITNEY                            MID000252874

 BRIGHTON                 BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP DUMP                 2117 CORLETT                           MID980504526

 BRIGHTON                 GREEN OAK FIRE STA                     8965 FIELDCREST                        MID980991459

 BRIGHTON                 HAFTEN RESIDENTIAL WELL                7940 HOLLY RD                          MID980991442

 BRIGHTON                 HIGH PRESSURE AUTO WASH                5325 OLD US 23                         MID980991434

 BRIGHTON                 MICH DEPT OF TRANS                     GRAND RIVER US 23                      MID981089949

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRIGHTON                 RASMUSSEN'S DUMP                       9040 SPICER RD                         MID095402210

 BRIGHTON                 RESIDENTIAL WELL CHUPA                 11125 MCCABE RD                        MID981089667

 BRIGHTON                 SPIEGELBERG LDFL                       SPICER RD                              MID980794481

 BRIGHTON                 X-I INDUSTRIES                         1800 E GRAND RIV                       MID054695705

 BRIMLEY                  VELOT FARM                             PICHY RD                               MID981100761

 BRITTON                  BRITTTON CARRY OUT GAS STA             M-50                                   MID084570605

 BRONSON                  BRANCH CO RD COMM BRONSON              626 MATTESON ST                        MID981187529

 BRONSON                  BRONSON SALT STORAGE                   201 INDUSTRIAL ST                      MID981187511

 BRONSON                  BRONSON SAN LDFL                       336 ORLAND RD                          MID980678601

 BRONSON                  DOUGLAS COMPONENTS                     141 RAILROAD ST                        MID045342151

 BRONSON                  NORTH BRONSON INDUSTRIAL AREA          135 INDUSTRIAL AVE                     MID005480900

 BRONSON                  UNVERSAL COMPONENTS                    141 WEST RAILROAD ST                   MID985664978

 BROOKLYN                 GORMLEY BARTLETT LDFL                  10868 CASE RD                          MID980506257

 BROOKLYN                 VILLAGE LAUNDROMAT                     9947 SO BROOKLYN RD                    MID113059778

 BROWNSTOWN               THORNTON LDFL                          18299 TELEGRAPH RD                     MID980501969

 BUCHANAN                 CLARK EQUIPMENT CORPORATION AXLE DIV.  32 Y DEWEY STREET                      MID040273021

 BUCHANAN                 ELECTROVOICE                           600 CECIL STREET                       MID005068143

 BUCHANAN                 WOODSTOCK DIE CASTING                  TTS R18W SW QUARTER OF SEC 25 (BLDG)   MID985657931
 BURR OAK                 SOHIGRO SERV CO                        33700 DEER PARK RD                     MID980608467

 BURR OAK                 YOUNG'S LDFL                           903 CARPENTERSON RD                    MID980998488

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BURTON                   AUTO BRITE COLLISION                   3345 SO DART HWY                       MID981088248

 BURTON                   OUTBOUND TRAILER/HEMPHILL              SOUTH SAGINAW STREET                   MID985567957
 CADILLAC                 CADILLAC CITY AIRPORT                  ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID088869367

 CADILLAC                 CADILLAC TAR & CHEMICAL                LOCATED ALONG N. SHORE OF LAKE         MI0001475060

 CADILLAC                 CADILLAC TIRE CTR                      7296 S US 131                          MID072569684

 CADILLAC                 CMI-CAST PARTS INCORPORATED            1500 FOURTH AVENUE                     MID006015457

 CADILLAC                 KYSOR INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION           1100 WRIGHT STREET                     MID043681840

 CADILLAC                 MILLER DON PROP                        2974 SOUTH SEELY ROAD                  MID981188584

 CADILLAC                 NORTHERNAIRE PLATING                   1002 6TH ST                            MID020883609

 CADILLAC                 ST. JOHN'S INCORPORATED                130 GUNN STREET                        MID980703771

 CADILLAC                 TUFF-KOTE                              2033 N MITCHELL                        MID980993349

 CALEDONIA                CALEDONIA VILLAGE OF                   LAKE MAIN CHURCH & SOUTH STS           MID981532831

 CALEDONIA                CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES INC               6450 HANNA LAKE RD                     MID006410708

 CANANDAIGUA              MEDINA TOWNSHIP DUMP                   CANANDAIGUA RD                         MID981001670

 CANTON                   CANTON IND & RESEARCH DEV              5444 LILLEY RD                         MID981189871

 CANTON                   CANTON TOWNSHIP DUMP                   LILLEY                                 MID981190093

 CANTON                   CANTON TWP SOLID WASTE DSPL RECYCLE    5443 LILLEY ROAD                       MID981192586
 CANTON                   MICHIGAN AVENUE DUMP                   42158 MICHIGAN AVENUE                  MID985653997

 CANTON                   RECLAIMED INDUSTRIAL SITE #1           5008 LOTZ RD                           MID981190069

 CANTON TOWNSHIP          K & J LDFL                             LILLY ROAD                             MID980506448

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CARLETON                 NEWBERG RD BARREL DUMP                 NEWBERG RD                             MID981955966

 CARNEY                   NADEAU TWP DUMP                        2 1/2MI W OF CARNEY                    MID980993406

 CARO                     MARLEX MFG CO                          415 WELLS ST                           MID065585952

 CARSON CITY              CRYSTAL REFINING CO                    901 N WILLIAMS                         MID006028914

 CARSONVILLE              TRI CITY LDFL                          13 N RUTH ROAD                         MID981092885

 CARSONVILLE              WILSON SITE                            RE M26                                 MID985622166

 CASS                     WALBRO ENGINE MANAGEMENT CORP          6242 GARFIELD                          MID005394465

 CEDAR                    CEDAR VLG OF                           13MI NE TRAVERSE CITY ON CR651         MID981101546

 CEDAR RIVER              CEDAR RIVER SOLID WASTE DSPL           T35N R25W S13                          MID980504583

 CEDAR SPRINGS            CEDAR SPRINGS WWTP                     66 S MAIN ST                           MID981532856

 CEDARVILLE               CLARK TWP DUMP                         STATE RD & BLIND LINE RD               MID981188576

 CEDARVILLE               HESSEL CEDARVILLE GROUNDWATER CONTAM   HESSEL ST                              MID981192602

 CEDARVILLE               US STEEL CORP CEDARVILLE PLT           5MI E OF CEDARVILLE                    MID030177828

 CHARLEVOIX               ART'S DRY CLEANERS                     230 ANTRIM                             MID980998413

 CHARLEVOIX               CHARLEVOIX CHEM MFG CO                 MARTIN ST                              MID089966956

 CHARLEVOIX               CHARLEVOIX MUNICIPAL WELL              LAKE SHORE DRIVE                       MID980794390

 CHARLEVOIX               DME CO                                 HIGHWAY M-66                           MID980993448

 CHARLEVOIX               FORMER CITY OF CHARLEVOIX DUMP         BELLS BAY RD                           MID981002728

 CHARLEVOIX               GREAT LAKES FISHERIES STA              GRANT ST                               MID981002868

 CHARLEVOIX               HARBOR IND INC                         US31 HWY S                             MID062232434

 CHARLEVOIX               HOOKER CLEANERS OF CHARLEVOIX          701 1/2 BRIDGE ST                      MID981093792

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHARLEVOIX               IMPACT TOOL CO                         401 W CARPENTER ST                     MID051768778

 CHARLEVOIX               LEXALITE INTERNATIONAL CORP            10020 W US 31N 5MI N CHARLEVOX         MID072579121

 CHARLEVOIX               US DOT COAST GUARD CHARLEVOIX STATION  220 COAST GUARD ROAD                   MI1690308449

 CHARLOTTE                CHARLOTTE DISPOSAL INC                 446 STINE RD                           MID065861528

 CHARLOTTE                CHARLOTTE MUNI AIRPORT                 ISLAND HWY                             MID980990964

 CHARLOTTE                JOHNSON IRON INDUSTRIES                615 W SHEPHARD ST                      MID006023022

 CHATHAM                  CHATHAM DUMP ROCK RIV                  GROUND ABELMAKI RD                     MID981093768

 CHEBOYGAN                CENTER TOOL & MACH CO INC              915 S WESTERN AVE                      MID005363494

 CHEBOYGAN                CHEBOYGAN LDFL CITY OF                 202 BACKUS                             MID980991483

 CHEBOYGAN                INVERNESS TWP DUMP                     END OF INVERNESS RD                    MID981188311


 CHELSEA                  ASTRO MFG                              2055 N LINE CENTER RD                  MID076358647

 CHELSEA                  CHELSEA SANI LDFL                      WERKNER RD                             MID981187479

 CHELSEA                  DETROIT ABRASIVES CO                   11910 DEXTER CHELSEA RD                MID049255177

 CHELSEA                  DIVERSIFIED DIMENSIONAL DEBURRING      13550 LUICK                            MID980990972

 CHELSEA                  MOBIL STA CHELSEA                      M-52 & I-94                            MID981188709

 CHESANING                FRUTCHEY BEAN CO                       709 WEST BROAD ST                      MID981785140



 CITY UNREPORTED          INLAND STEEL CO RAVENNA-PRICKETT MINE  SEC19 T43 R32                          MID980608996

 CITY UNREPORTED          KALAMAZOO RIV SAUGATUCK                80 MILES OF RIV                        MID980994404

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CITY UNREPORTED          LINDBERG PLASTICS                      US 31 & SULLIVAN RD                    MID051764868

 CITY UNREPORTED          LIQUID WASTE MGMT                      ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980679914

 CITY UNREPORTED          OAKSVILLE WALTZ ROAD                   OAKSVILLE WALTZ ROAD                   MID980703052

 CLAM UNION TWP           FALMOUTH VILLAGE OF                    SEC6 T21N R06W                         MID981189939

 CLARE                    CLARE CO MDOT BULK STORAGE SITE        5TH ST                                 MID981096159

 CLARE                    CLARE LDFL CITY OF CLOSED              FIRST ST                               MID980993489

 CLARE                    CLARE SAN LDFL CITY OF                 5112 S CLARE AVE                       MID980993471

 CLARE                    CLARE WATER SUPPLY                     CITY HALL 202 W 5TH ST                 MID980002273

 CLARE                    ESSEX GROUP INC                        528 HOLLEY ST                          MID059696336

 CLAWSON                  DAVIS MFG                              930 N MAIN                             MID006000293

 CLINTON                  STANDARD OIL GAS STA                   16 MILE & GRATIOT                      MID981535008

 CLINTON                  SUNOCO STA CLINTON                     US 12 & MATHEWS HWY                    MID981188246


 CLINTON TWP              CLINTON RIVER ROAD FILL                16560 CLINTON RIVER RD                 MID980504658

 CLIO                     BORON GAS STA                          100 E VIENNA RD                        MID980990956

 CLIO                     BUCKEYE PIPELINE                       CLIO RD S OF M 57                      MID980993497

 CLIO                     OLD PLATING PLT                        205 W JOHNSON ST                       MID981088214

 CLIO                     OLIVER SAN LDFL                        9873 TUSCOLA ROAD                      MID980678957

 COLD WATER               ROYAL BUICK CHEVROLET                  637 E CHICAGO RD                       MID981953144

 COLDWATER                BRANCH CO RD COMM COLDWATER            23 E GARFIELD                          MID078919982

 COLDWATER                COLDWATER BOARD OF PUB UTILITIES POW   BENNETT ST                             MID074331513

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COLDWATER                COLDWATER SALT STORAGE                 45 INDUSTRIAL AVE                      MID981187461

 COLDWATER                ESSEX INTL INC                         301 INDUSTRIAL AVE                     MID005480637

 COLDWATER                MICH DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION            34 N MICHIGAN AVE                      MID980993422

 COLDWATER                OVID TWP DUMP                          325 S BEHAKE RD                        MID981094816

 COLDWATER LAKE           DOMAN RESIDENTIAL WELL                 1291 LITTLEFIELD RD                    MID980993372

 COLUMBIA TWP/CLARKLAKE   DEPENDABLE LDFL                        10495 PALMER RD                        MID980504682

 COMMERCE TOWNSHIP        VENTURE RIM PRODUCTS                   1080 WELCH ROAD                        MID981197262

 COMSTOCK                 CONSUMERS POWER CO B E MORROW PLT      6900 E MICHGIAN AVE                    MID051763696

 COMSTOCK                 MODERN SEPTIC TANK COMSTOCK            6475 E MICHIGAN AVE                    MID981001720


 CONSTANTINE              CONSTANTINE MUNI WELLS                 SW1/4 OF SE1/4 SEC23                   MID981189301

 CONSTANTINE              DRAKE IND INC                          455 E WATER ST                         MID040281594

 COOKS                    COOKS RESIDENTIAL WELL CITY OF         JOHNSONS RTE 1                         MID980993455

 COOPERSVILLE             GMC AS ROCHESTER DIV COOPERSVILLE      999 RANDALL ROAD                       MID000721738
 CORUNNA                  AIKEN ROAD HOMES                       AIKEN RD                               MID981188329

 COVERT TWP               NEWELL SAN LDFL                        28TH AVE DEAD END                      MID980499701

 CRYSTAL                  TOTAL PIPELINE CORP CRYSTAL STA        10100 STANTON RD                       MID000780486

 CRYSTAL FALLS            CAYIA MINE                             M-69, 3 MILES EAST OF 141              MID980608962

 CRYSTAL FALLS            CRYSTAL FALLS DUMP CITY OF             HILLTOP KELSO RD                       MID981101850

 CRYSTAL FALLS            CRYSTAL FALLS TWP DSPL                 BJORK DR                               MID981101843

 CUTLERVILLE              TANK TRAILER INC                       7915 SO DIVISION AVE                   MID095948097

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CUTLERVILLE              UNION 76                               76TH & DIVISION                        MID980993331

 CUTLERVILLE              WATER SUPPLY WELLS AT 76TH & DIVISION  76TH & DIVISION                        MID980994594

 DAGGETT                  DAGGETT DISPOSAL VILLAGE OF            1/4MILE WEST OF DAGGETT                MID980993307

 DAGGETT                  HIRSCH'S BAR                           RTE 2                                  MID057668287

 DALTON                   DALTON TWP DUMPS                       RUSSELL & MICHILLINDA S.E.             MID980678676

 DAVISON                  RICHFIELD HAMBICKI LDFL                5360 NORTH STATE RD                    MID981192594

 DAVISON                  SUNSHINE FOOD STORAGE & GAS            8006 RICHFIELD RD                      MID065593188

 DE TOUR                  DE TOUR DISPOSAL SITE                  NORTH CARIBOU ROAD 2MI WEST DETOUR     MID980993299

 DEARBORN                 ACTION PRINTING CO                     7900 WYOMING                           MID005519327

 DEARBORN                 AUTOMOTIVE FINISHES INC.               6450 WYOMING                           MID005353651

 DEARBORN                 DEARBORN PROCESSING PLANT              3051 SCHAEFER ROAD                     MID000256388

 DEARBORN                 DEARBORN REFINING CO                   3901 WYOMING                           MID005510805

 DEARBORN                 MARATHON OIL CO                        1100 RIVERSIDE DR                      MID981189988

 DEARBORN                 ROUGE STEEL CO                         3001 MILLER RD                         MID087738431

 DEARBORN                 THERMAL CONVERSION CORP                4440 WYOMING AVE                       MID980678403

 DEARBORN                 WAYNE DSPL INC #1                      147 KINSBURY RD                        MID980502033

 DECKERVILLE              BRABANTS AUTO SALVAGE                  2842 RANGE LINE RD                     MID103516704

 DEERFIELD                AMOCO STA DEERFIELD VLG                RIVER ST BET CAREY & RAISIN            MID981188014

 DEMONDALE                DIAMONDALE CITY OF                     9384 WALNUT                            MID052747300

 DETROIT                  24TH & SAVOY TRAILER                   24TH AND SAVOY ST.                     MID985635143

 DETROIT                  AABCO WASTE OIL                        17400 ST. LOUIS STREET                 MIT270012107

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DETROIT                  ABC DRUM                               14290 BIRWOOD STREET                   MID985584549

 DETROIT                  ABC DRUM & BARREL - LANTZ STREET       102 WEST LANTZ STREET                  MID985598978

 DETROIT                  ALLIED CHEMICAL CORPORATION DETROIT    1200 ZUG ISLAND ROAD BOX 33950         MID005517198

 DETROIT                  AMERICAN STEEL WORK CO                 7501 LYNDON STREET                     MID104775895

 DETROIT                  ANACONDA INDUSTRIES BRASS              271 SOUTH SUMMIT STREET                MID065608739

 DETROIT                  ARROW OVERALL SUPPLY CO                1469 E GRAND BLVD                      MID016848434

 DETROIT                  ARTED CHROME PLATING INC               38 PIQUETTE                            MID006001259

 DETROIT                  ASSOCIATED TRUCK TERM                  JOHN KRONK & CENTRAL AVE               MID043772557

 DETROIT                  BASF CORPORATION                       3301 BOURKE AVENUE                     MID007138746

 DETROIT                  BERGER CORP                            5300 BELLEVUE                          MID052500261

 DETROIT                  BLAIR MFG CO                           18360 FITZPATRICK                      MID005332952

 DETROIT                  BOSTWICK DRUMS                         6771 BOSTWICK                          MI0001764984

 DETROIT                  C-MAR PROD INC                         19413 DERBY                            MID016929853

 DETROIT                  CAN FLOW INTERNATIONAL INC             615 E GREENDALE                        MID095404281

 DETROIT                  CARTER COLOR COAT, INC.                6051 HASTINGS STREET                   MID980568646

 DETROIT                  CARTER INDUSTRIALS, INC                4690 HUMBOLDT                          MID980274179

 DETROIT                  CELANESE PLASTICS & SPECIALTIES CO     1700 CANIFF RD                         MID077883767

 DETROIT                  CENTRAL QUALITY SERVICE                EAST PALMER AVE                        MIT270012453

 DETROIT                  CHRYSAN INDUSTRIES                     4019 BEAUFAIT                          MID088328356

 DETROIT                  CHRYSLER CORP AMPLEX HARPER PLT        6501 HARPER AVE                        MID005358114

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DETROIT                  CHRYSLER CORP ELDON AVE AXLE PLT       6700 LYNCH RD PO BOX 2919              MID005357967

 DETROIT                  CITY ENVIRONMENTAL INC-FREDERICK       1923 FREDERICK STREET                  MID980991566

 DETROIT                  COMET CHROME PLATING                   4843 BELLEVUE                          MI0001412469

 DETROIT                  DAELYTE SERVICES                       1356 MT. ELLIOT                        MID006537336

 DETROIT                  DETREX CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC         12886 EATON AVENUE                     MID091605972

 DETROIT                  DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION             13400 WEST OUTER DRIVE                 MID005356803

 DETROIT                  DETROIT DRUM CLEAN-UP                  ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980824916

 DETROIT                  DETROIT PESTICIDE PROJECT              4700 FRENCH STREET                     MI0001273473

 DETROIT                  DETROIT RIV SEDIMENTS                  31 DEPOSITIONAL AREAS ALONG RI         MID980994289

 DETROIT                  DPW-BORMAN YARD                        CORNER OF I-96 & SOUTHFIELD            MID980608566

 DETROIT                  EDWARDS OIL CO                         530 SO ROUGE                           MID088754668

 DETROIT                  ENTERPRISE OIL                         14445 LINWOOD STREET                   MID985622778

 DETROIT                  FEDERAL MARINE TERM PROP               1350 E ATWATER                         MID981002793

 DETROIT                  FOREST HUMBOLDT DUMPING                FOREST & HUMBOLDT                      MID985580471

 DETROIT                  FORT & SCOTTEN ST                      FORT & SCOTTEN STREET                  MID985567650

 DETROIT                  GENERAL DYE CASTING                    13700 MT. ELLIOTT STREET               MID011247806

 DETROIT                  GENERAL OIL CO INC                     12680 BEECH DALY ROAD                  MID047189568

 DETROIT                  GMC CORP                               3044 W GRAND BLVD                      MID005356613

 DETROIT                  GMC NORTHERN AMERICAN TRUCK PLATFORMS  601 PIQUETTE ROAD                      MID076380583

 DETROIT                  GMC SAGINAW DIV. - DETROIT PLANT       1840 HOLBROOK AVENUE                   MID086744802

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DETROIT                  HOLLOWAYS                              GROILE & NAPIER RD                     MID000605048

 DETROIT                  INTERVALE LYNDON L C                   7900 INTERVALE                         MID981189947

 DETROIT                  KOI PETROLEUM                          421 LYCASTE                            MID980679690

 DETROIT                  LAKE ST. CLAIRE DRUM                   SOMEWHERE IN LAKE ST.CLAIRE            MID985651058

 DETROIT                  LAWTON PROPERTY                        4445 LAWTON                            MID065573495

 DETROIT                  LEAR-SIEGLER PLANT                     8351 EPWORTH                           MID985653278

 DETROIT                  LEVY EDWARD C CO                       8800 DIX AVE                           MID005354816

 DETROIT                  MACK AVENUE DRUMS                      8740 MACK AVENUE                       MID985574094

 DETROIT                  MAGNUS CO INC                          3501 GRIFFIN ST                        MID980608632

 DETROIT                  MASTER ALLOYS                          2930 DENTON STREET                     MID060978095

 DETROIT                  MASTER METALS INC                      4700 E NEVADA AVE                      MID039108824

 DETROIT                  MCI, INC.                              666 & 700 HARPER AVENUE                MID981190531

 DETROIT                  METRO PLATING INC.                     220 EAST MILWAUKEE ST.                 MID985656800

 DETROIT                  METROPOLITAN BUILDING                  33 JOHN R STREET                       MID985569565

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN CHROME & CHEMICAL COMPANY     8611 - 35 GRINNELL AVENUE              MID005378161

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS CO STA       SOUTH GREEN AVE                        MID981190002

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS CO STA B     JEFFERSON & MELDRUM                    MID981190317

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS CO STA J     TIREMAN AVE                            MID981190010

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED RIVERSIDE PARK   6500 W JEFFERSON                       MID980825681

 DETROIT                  MICHIGAN PETROLEUM CO                  13650 HELEN AVE                        MID086147915

 DETROIT                  MOTOR & MACHINERY CASTINGS COMPANY     7742 WEST DAVISON AVE                  MID005319694

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DETROIT                  MT ELLIOTT STREET DRUM SITE            18656 MT ELLIOTT                       MID982071102

 DETROIT                  NELSON IND SERV                        12345 SCHAEFER HWY                     MID098011992

 DETROIT                  NO NAME (SITE NEAR I-275)              ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980678338

 DETROIT                  O J TRANSPORT                          150 EAST FERRY AVENUE                  MID005356746

 DETROIT                  OLD MACK AVE STAMPING PLANT            11631 MACK AVENUE                      MID005357959

 DETROIT                  PALMER AND BRUSH ST. DRUMS             302 PALMER STREET                      MID985567510

 DETROIT                  PALMER AND RAILROAD ST. DRUMS          6500 - 6512 EAST PALMER STREET         MID985567502

 DETROIT                  PEERLESS CEMENT BRENNAN PLT            9785 BRENNEN ST                        MID981193394

 DETROIT                  PEERLESS CEMENT FORMAN PLT             100 S FORMAN AVE                       MID981190051

 DETROIT                  PIONEER EQUIPMENT CO                   4226 JEFFRIES FWY W                    MID981539109

 DETROIT                  PLATING EQUIPMENT USED INC             17210 GABLE                            MID088334537

 DETROIT                  PORT HURON PAPER CO                    9125 W JEFFERSON                       MID099652372

 DETROIT                  PURITAN STREET ASBESTOS                16230 PURITAN                          MID985650944

 DETROIT                  REVERE COPPER & BRASS                  5851 WEST JEFFERSON                    MID005509997

 DETROIT                  ROMAN BLEACH CLEANSER                  2700 EAST MCNICHOLIS                   MID005319066

 DETROIT                  SARAN INDUSTRIAL COATINGS              1340 OAKMAN                            MID010872638

 DETROIT                  SCHREIBER-CARAVAN DRUMS                3033 BOURKE                            MID985630185

 DETROIT                  SELKIRK & BENHAM STREET SITE           SELKIRK & BENHAM                       MID982071110

 DETROIT                  ST MARYS CEMENT COMPANY                9333 DEARBORN STREET                   MID094553419

 DETROIT                  TAYLOR SITE                            486 MARLBOROUGH STREET                 MID985574086

 DETROIT                  TRUMBULL DIV OCF                       12500 STOCKER AVE                      MID095397139

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DETROIT                  WASTE ACID SERV                        6520 GEORGIA                           MID074259565

 DETROIT                  WORLD TRADE CENTER                     5900 LIVERNOIS AVENUE                  MI0001094465

 DEWITT                   HOFFMAN FURNITURE STRIPPING            5708 HERBISON RD                       MID981089584

 DICE CORNERS             TANKER TRUCK SPILL                     CR OF M-20 & M-30                      MID981188345


 DOSTER                   KAVCO                                  DOSTER RD                              MID981092422

 DOUGLAS                  CHASE MFG CO                           281 CHASE RD                           MID980409890

 DOUGLAS                  JOHNSONS STANDARD 28867                BLUE STAR HWY & CENTER ST              MID981187453

 DOWAGIAC                 BELLS CORNER                           95TH & SISTERLAKE ROAD COUNTY ROAD     MID980993315
 DOWAGIAC                 DAVIS PRODUCTS COMPANY                 111 BEESON STREET                      MID005529367

 DOWAGIAC                 DOWAGIAC LDFL                          SEC 33 NUBOUR RD                       MID980504690

 DOWAGIAC                 GALBREATH PROP LDFL                    55537 NUBOUR RD                        MID980993232

 DOWAGIAC                 HOLLENBECK PROP LDFL                   NUBOUR RD                              MID980994081

 DOWAGIAC                 SEALED POWER                           M51 NORTH 5MI FROM DOWAGIAC            MID078920121

 DOWAGIAC                 SUNDSTRAND HEAT TRANSFER               415 EAST PRAIRIE RONDE STREET          MID005068507


 DRAYTON PLAINS           RESIDENTIAL WELLS SASHABAW RD AREA     SASHABAW RD                            MID981002843

 DRUMMOND ISLAND          DRUMMOND ISLAND TWP DUMP EAST          1MI E OF DRUMMOND                      MID980993281


 DUNDEE                   JESSIE OIL CO                          M-50 & DIXON RD                        MID980993224

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DUNDEE                   SIMONS SAN LDFL                        BIGELOW RD & STOWELL RD                MID980499917

 DURAND                   GRAND TRUNK WEST RAILROAD              SCOUGLE ST                             MID980991814

 DURAND                   MARSHALL R J CO                        712 E GENESEE                          MID980996383

 DUTTON                   VAN WATERS & ROGERS INCORPORATED       7025 DUTTON INDUSTRIAL DRIVE           MID980681696

 EAST BAY TWP             HENTSCHELL INC                         1599 HAMMOND RD AT 3MI RD              MID017420290

 EAST JORDAN              EAST JORDAN CITY LDFL                  SECTION 14 32NORTH 7WEST               MID980002968

 EAST JORDAN              EAST JORDAN IRON WKS INC               301 SPRING ST                          MID006020309

 EAST JORDAN              EAST JORDAN TOOL & DIE                 6240 ROGERS BRIDGE RD                  MID006025043

 EAST LANSING             CIBA GEIGY CORP                        4917 DAWN AVENUE                       MID067352989

 EAST LANSING             MICHIGAN STATE UNIV                    JOLLY RD                               MID053343976

 EAST LANSING             MICHIGAN STATE UNIV POWER PLT DUMP     MSU CAMPUS                             MID980702765

 EAST LANSING             RESIDENTIAL WELL FORMER                LAKE LANSING RD                        MID980991293

 EATON                    GMC-BOC LANSING AUTO DIV PH5           2901 SOUTH CANAL ROAD                  MID980700843

 EATON                    MARCY RD PROP                          1746 MARCY RD                          MID981188410

 EATON RAPIDS             EATON RAPIDS LDFL                      HOGSBACK RD                            MID980504740


 EAU CLAIRE               MICHIGAN TUBE CO DIV OF HOFMANN IND    LOVE RD                                MID052863164

 ECORSE                   PRAXAIR                                FOOT OF GREAT LAKES AVE                MID000720565

 ECORSE                   WEST JEFFERSON ST. ABANDONED DRUM      4690 W. JEFFERSON STREET               MID985576008

 EDMORE                   HITACHI MAGNETICS CORP                 7800 NEFF RD                           MID062226774

 EDWARDSBURG              CASS STREET AREA                       CASS ST                                MID981002819

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EDWARDSBURG              EDWARDSBURG INDUSTRIAL PARK            MAY STREET & KRAUS ROAD                MID981001753

 ELLSWORTH                INTERNATIONAL DISC CORP                9168 LAKE ST                           MID097808752

 ELSIE                    ELSIE VILLAGE LDFL                     PARK AVENUE                            MID980003073


 ELSIE                    ITT HANCOCK                            PARK AVE #1                            MID006556609

 ERIE                     BROWNING-FERRIS IND OF OHIO & MICH     6233 HAGMAN RD                         MID058721788
 ERIE                     ERIE COATING & CHEMICALS INC           6828 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY               MID020263877

 ESCANABA                 AMERICAN CYANAMID CO IMPOUND #1 & 2    MEAD RD                                MID059503284

 ESCANABA                 CHICAGO & N W TRANS CO ROUNDHOUSE      7TH ST N                               MID981198286

 ESCANABA                 COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION BAY VIEW        TOWNLINE 417                           MID980998421

 ESCANABA                 ESCANABA SAN LDFL CITY OF              CO RD 58 3MI W OF ESCANABA             MID980993257

 ESCANABA                 SODERGREN'S STORE                      RR 1 HWY 414                           MID010035822

 ESCANABA                 WELLS TERM                             SE1/4 NE1/4 SEC7 T39N R22W             MID981101553

 ESTRAL BEACH             MOO LEE LDFL                           9750 ROBERTS RD                        MID981101017

 EUREKA                   GREENVILLE LDFL                        SNOWLAKE RD OFF M-91                   MID980998439

 EVART                    EVART PROD CO                          601 W 7TH ST                           MID005354766

 EVART                    JOE'S SALES & SERV                     1611 W US 10                           MID083692509

 EVART                    SEARS TIRE FIRE                        10977 SOUTH M-66                       MI0001954783

 FAIRVIEW                 FAIRVIEW RESIDENTIAL WELLS             JCT M-72 & ABBE RD                     MID980994099

 FAREWELL                 HOOVER UNIVERSAL FUNNELL PROP          VANDERCAR ROAD                         MID981192321

 FARMINGTON               ACE CONTROLS INC                       23435 INDUSTRIAL PARK DR               MID006405419

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FARMINGTON HILLS         CONSOLIDATED METALLURGICAL             23701 HALSTEAD RD                      MID040567778

 FARMINGTON HILLS         OLD MUNI CONTRACTORS LDFL              HAGGERTY & 10MI RDS                    MID980994107

 FARWELL                  RENOSAL PLT                            505 HOOVER ST                          MID043768555

 FARWELL                  RESIDENTIAL WELL FARWELL               9891 MEADOW LN                         MID981188337

 FARWELL                  SURREY TWP LDFL                        OLD STATE RD                           MID980993190

 FENNVILLE                CHEVRON CHEM CO                        ONE BLK OFF MAIN ON FENNVILLE          MID980609481

 FENNVILLE                CHEVRON CHEM CO                        0.8MI E OF CITY                        MID980613855

 FENNVILLE                CURTIS-BURNS INC MI FRUIT CANNERS DIV  SHERMAN ST                             MID980993216

 FENNVILLE                LAGRANGE LAB/PROCESSORS INC            5655 117TH AVE                         MID057041089

 FENNVILLE                MDOT FENNVILLE                         TOWNLINE RD M-89                       MID981528219

 FERNDALE                 REICHHOLD CHEM INC                     601 WOODWARD HEIGHTS BLVD              MID020087128

 FERNDALE                 REPUBLIC STEEL CORP STEEL & TUBES DIV  965 WANDA AVE                          MID005515705

 FERNDALE                 T C REALTY INC                         EIGHT MILE RD & PINECREST              MID041803123

 FERRYSBURG               SPUR GASOLINE/MURPHY OIL CO            LAKEWOOD BLVD                          MID980993208

 FIFE LAKE                COIN-OP LAUNDROMAT AND CAR WASH (SIA)  US 131                                 MID980410419

 FILER CITY               MANISTEE CORP CORGE FORGE CORP (SIA)   509 FALLEN RD                          MID047666359

 FILER CITY               PACKAGING CORP OF AMERICA              EAST LAKE SIDE RD STROMAC TWP          MID980794747

 FLAT ROCK                BREY FARM                              14704 PORT CREEK RD                    MID074214123

 FLAT ROCK                BROWN ERVING & VIVIAN LDFL             GIBRALTER RD                           MID981189855

 FLAT ROCK                FORD MOTOR COMPANY MICHIGAN CASTING    22000 GIBRALTER ROAD                   MID058819822

 FLAT ROCK                HURON QUARRY SAN LDFL                  28200 S HURON DR                       MID980506422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FLAT ROCK                M & P LANDFILL                         ARSENAL ROAD                           MID981189962

 FLAT ROCK                MICHIGAN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES        28032 ARSENAL RD                       MID981000987

 FLATROCK                 PETROLEUM SPECIALTIES INC              26361 PETERS RD                        MID985613439

 FLINT                    AC GMC SPARK PLUG                      1300 N DORT HWY                        MID005356647

 FLINT                    ACTION AUTO #2                         1275 S CENTER RD                       MID000674879

 FLINT                    AL'S JUNK                              GOREY ROAD                             MID981088230

 FLINT                    CONTAINER SPECIALTIES INC              3261 FLUSHING RD                       MID005361597

 FLINT                    DYE RD DUMP                            1205 DYE RD                            MID981089568

 FLINT                    ESTECH OIL CO                          4701 THETFORD                          MID098675937

 FLINT                    FLINT IND PLATING                      1109 E STEWART ST                      MID981958978

 FLINT                    GENERAL MOTORS CORP FLINT AUTO ENG &   4300 SOUTH SAGINAW STREET              MID005356738
 FLINT                    GMC - CHEVROLET - FLINT MFG.           300 NORTH CHEVROLET AVENUE             MID005356654

 FLINT                    GMC AC ROCHESTER/DELCO ELECTRONICS     4143 DAVISION ROAD                     MID980568745

 FLINT                    GMC FISHER BODY COLDWATER ROAD         1245 E COLDWATER RD                    MID005356860

 FLINT                    GOODIE BARN                            WEST 12TH ST                           MID017037813

 FLINT                    GRAND BLANC LDFL                       2277 W GRAND BLANC RD                  MID980506265

 FLINT                    THRALL OIL & CHEM CO                   603 PINGREE AVE                        MID980608574

 FLINT TWP                LINDEN ROAD LDFL                       LINDEN RD                              MID980608582

 FORSYTH                  RESIDENTIAL WELL MAJESTIC FORSYTH TWP  SEC25 T45N R26W                        MID981188469

 FOWLERVILLE              BOLTEC IND                             340 S ANN ST                           MID981102254

 FOWLERVILLE              HOGSBACK ROAD AREA                     HOGSBACK RD 3/4MI N GRAND RIV          MID981187255

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FOWLERVILLE              OLD TANK LEAK                          9635 SOBER RD                          MID980991467

 FOWLERVILLE              STANLEY WKS STANLEY TOOLS DIV          425 FRANK ST                           MID099124299

 FOWLERVILLE              TIRE DSPL SITE                         SOUTH OF I-96 AT FOWLERVILLE           MID981187263

 FRANKENMUTH              TRI CITY REFUSE DISPOSAL CO            4705 WEISS RD                          MID057016149

 FRANKENMUTH TWP          C & O RAILROAD                         M-83                                   MID981188352

 FRANKFORT                PHEOLL OF MICH                         1310 ELM                               MID020904603

 FRANKFORT                WOODLAND OIL                           30 DAY ST                              MID981089691

 FREDERIC                 FREDERIC TOWNSHIP GROUNDWATER CONT     6561 JOHNSON ST                        MID981526049

 FREMONT                  BELLE-SOMMERS/ECT PROD                 COR OF 88TH ST & OSBORNE AVE           MID980993265

 FRUITLAND TOWNSHIP       SAN JUAN SUB DIVISION                  SEC1 T11N R18W                         MID980499867

 FRUITPORT                PACESETTER BANK & TRUST                50 PARK ST                             MID980992937

 GAGETOWN                 RCS EVENS PRODUCTS                     6581 MILL STREET                       MID005317128

 GALIEN                   JACK POST CORP                         NEAR US 12 & CLEVELAND RD              MID074305756

 GARDEN                   FAIRBANKS TWP LDFL                     GARDEN PENINSULA E OF FAIRPORT         MID980993240

 GARDEN CITY              NOSTER IND                             32701 INDUSTRIAL RD                    MID041115692

 GAYLORD                  CENTRAL PRINTING CO                    1996 OLD 27S                           MID041799487

 GAYLORD                  CHAMPION INTL CORP BLDG PROD DIV       DICKERSON RD                           MID079279857

 GAYLORD                  DNR GAYLORD REPAIR FAC                 540 S OTSEGO                           MID980992051

 GAYLORD                  GAYLORD WWTP CITY OF                   END OF CENTER AVE & 7TH ST             MID981189319

 GAYLORD                  OLD GAYLORD DUMP                       MILLBACHER RD                          MID981002769

 GAYLORD                  RESIDENTIAL WELLS JOHNSON RD           JOHNSON RD                             MID981189327

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GAYLORD                  STANDARD PROD CO                       594 ALPINE RD RTE 3                    MID005346762

 GAYLORD                  US PLYWOOD WASTE WATER LAGOONS         2212 DICKERSON RD                      MID126831866

 GIBRALTAR                MCLOUTH STEEL CORP GIBRALTAR PLT       28000 RIVER RD                         MID005320254

 GILMORE                  GILMORE TWP SAN LDFL                   COLEMAN & WINN RD                      MID980993174

 GLADSTONE                GLADSTONE LDFL                         ADRESS UNREPORTED                      MID074779042

 GLADSTONE                SOO LINE RAILROAD                      SEC 21 T40N R22W                       MID981188683

 GLADWIN                  ARTHUR TWP DUMP                        BAILEY LAKE AVENUE                     MID980993158

 GLADWIN                  BUCKEYE TWP DUMP                       HOCKADAY RD                            MID980991764

 GLADWIN                  ELLIOTT GAS & OIL CO                   420 N STATE ST                         MID044955441

 GLADWIN                  GLADWIN LDFL CITY OF                   RIVER RD                               MID980991780

 GLADWIN                  GLADWIN TWP DSPL                       RIDGE RD                               MID980991806

 GLADWIN                  SAGE TOWNSHIP DUMP                     EAGLESON ROAD                          MID980991913

 GLADWIN                  SUN OIL CO BUCKEYE                     992 SUN OIL RD                         MID000682229

 GOBLES                   WESCOTT GEORGE SITE                    27TH & PINE GROVE                      MID094566817

 GOETZVILLE               LIME ISLAND                            3MI E OF RABER IN ST MARYS RIV         MID981100753

 GOETZVILLE               RABER TWP DUMP                         M-48 NR S BR GOGOMAIN RIV              MID980993166

 GOODELLS                 WHITCOMB BARREL DUMP                   2628 BARTH RD                          MID981187271

 GOULD CITY               EHN'S CORNER                           US 2                                   MID980994115

 GRAAFSCHAP               MILLIES IND PAINTINGS                  631 WEST 48TH STREET                   MID083684993

 GRAND BLANC              CLAUDE ROAD LDFL                       CLAUDE RD                              MID980504641

 GRAND BLANC              NEVILLES WASTE COLLECTION INC          8438 JORDAN RD                         MID980499693

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GRAND HAVEN              ATCO RUBBER PROD INC                   1605 MARION                            MID980678551

 GRAND HAVEN              EAGLE OTTAWA LEATHER CO                200 N BEECH TREE                       MID006013726

 GRAND HAVEN              GRAND HAVEN TWP DUMP                   160TH ST N OF FERRIS ST                MID980678791

 GRAND HAVEN              NEIDLINGER OIL CO                      815 VERHOEKS                           MID980992994

 GRAND HAVEN              SHAPE CORP                             1900 HAYES                             MID065859555

                          FOREST                                 OF
 GRAND LEDGE              GRAND LEDGE CLAY PROD PIT              3629 W JEFFERSON                       MID006020168

 GRAND LEDGE              MAACO AUTO                             M-43                                   MID980991020

 GRAND LEDGE              PARSONS CHEMICAL WORKS INC             BOX 146 RFD                            MID980476907

 GRAND LEDGE              REFINER'S TRANSPORT & TERM             10658 GRAND RIVER AVE                  MIT270011745

 GRAND MARAIS             BURT TOWNSHIP DSPL AREA                HWY 58 1MI E OF GRAND MARAIS           MID981526031

 GRAND RAPIDS             ABLE FINISHING CO                      343 STRAIGHT ST SW                     MID079278115

 GRAND RAPIDS             AMERICHEM CORPORATION                  1111 WALLEN AVENUE                     MID065840514


 GRAND RAPIDS             BRIDGE STREET GAS STATION              1111 BRIDGE ST                         MID980993026

 GRAND RAPIDS             BUTTERWORTH #2 LDFL SITE               1500 BUTTERWORTH                       MID062222997

 GRAND RAPIDS             CHEM-CENTRAL                           2940 STAFFORD AVE SW                   MID980477079

 GRAND RAPIDS             CHESSIE SYSTEM                         945 FREEMAN AVE SW                     MID050947332

 GRAND RAPIDS             CONRAIL YARDS                          BURTON ST                              MID980994123

 GRAND RAPIDS             CONSOLIDATED RR YD                     882 HYNES AVE SW                       MID980678668

 GRAND RAPIDS             COWDIN'S TEXACO                        1021 BRIDGE ST                         MID044566859

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 GRAND RAPIDS             DOEHLER-JARVIS CORP                    525 COTTAGE GROVE ST SE                MID980273197

 GRAND RAPIDS             EASTERN 76 STATION                     3260 EASTERN SE                        MID085899573

 GRAND RAPIDS             FENSKE ENTERPRISES                     2637 WILSON SW                         MID072589328

 GRAND RAPIDS             FOAM TECH INSULATION CO                575 KIRKLAND SW                        MID980678775

 GRAND RAPIDS             FOLKERTSMA REFUSE                      1426 PANNELL ROAD NORTHWEST            MID980609366

                          RECOVERY I
 GRAND RAPIDS             GMC INLAND FISHER GUIDE TRIM PLANT     2150 ALPINE AVE NW                     MID006020416

 GRAND RAPIDS             GUARDSMAN CHEM INC                     1350 STEELE AVE SW                     MID006017438

 GRAND RAPIDS             H. BROWN CO., INC.                     2200 TURNER AVE NW                     MID017075136

 GRAND RAPIDS             HA-MARQUE WOOD PRESERV                 1545 MARQUETTE SW                      MID092948496

 GRAND RAPIDS             HAVILAND AGRI-CHEM                     1845 STERLING NW                       MID017085754

 GRAND RAPIDS             INDIAN MOUNDS LDFL                     INDIAN MOUNDS RD NW                    MID980609358

 GRAND RAPIDS             KAYO GAS STA                           2750 LAKE MICHIGAN DR                  MID980992978

 GRAND RAPIDS             KENT COUNTY PLAINFIELD LDFL            2908 10 MILE RD                        MID000265066


 GRAND RAPIDS             LACKS INDUSTRIES INC                   1601 GALBRAITH AVENUE SOUTHEAST        MID006014666

 GRAND RAPIDS             LESCOA INC PLT #2 PLATING DIV          549 IONIA AVE SW                       MIT270012222

 GRAND RAPIDS             MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GRAND RAPIDS     WEALTHY ST                             MID981094865


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 GRAND RAPIDS             RELIABLE EQUIPMENT                     633 RICHMOND ST NW                     MID006407969

 GRAND RAPIDS             REYNOLDS METALS CO GRAND RAPIDS PLT    1701 PORTER ST SW                      MID006023253

 GRAND RAPIDS             ROSPATCH CORP BULMAN PROD DIV          1650 MCREYNOLDS NW                     MID072588437

 GRAND RAPIDS             SPUR GAS STATION                       420 STOCKING ST                        MID981094824

 GRAND RAPIDS             STATE DISPOSAL LDFL                    EAST BELTLINE & 3 MILE RD NE           MID980609341

 GRAND RAPIDS             VERBRUGGE OIL COMPANY                  839 BOSTON SOUTHEAST                   MID006410377

 GRAND RAPIDS             WALKER WEST GRAND RAPIDS AREA          320 SUNSET HILLS NW                    MID980992127

 GRAND RAPIDS             WELLER TRUCK PARTS                     2019 CHICAGO DR SW                     MID980609218

 GRAND RAPIDS             ZEPHYR SERV STA                        DIAMOND & MICHIGAN ST                  MID981094840

 GRAND RAPIDS WYOMING     APPROVED INDUSTRIAL REMOVAL            3755 LINDEN & 750 HIMES                MID000251587

 GRANDVILLE               ORGANIC CHEM INC                       3291 CHICAGO DR SW                     MID990858003

 GRANDVILLE               TULSA OIL CO                           28TH & GRANDVILLE ST                   MID980992135

 GRAYLING                 CEDAR & OGEMAW SITE                    601 CEDAR ST                           MID981532849

 GRAYLING                 IMPERIAL GAS STATION                   SE CORNER OF CHARLES ST & M72          MID981785108

 GRAYLING                 MODULAR ENGINEERING                    RT #1, 7 MILE RD                       MID980991400

 GRAYLING                 US ARMY CAMP GRAYLING                  I-75                                   MI0211890025

 GRAYLING NORTH OF        CRAWFORD OTSEGO LDFL                   SHERMAN RD                             MID981188782

 GREENVILLE               CROSS SALVAGE                          11887 LINCOLN LAKE ROAD                MID985566413

 GREENVILLE               FEDERAL-MOGUL CORP                     510 EAST GROVE STREET                  MID006021414

 GREENVILLE               FRIGDARE CO WHITE CONSOLIDATED         SHEAR ROAD                             MID097813513

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 GREENVILLE               NORTHLAND CORPORATION                  701 RANNEY DRIVE                       MID092946508

 GREENVILLE               ORE-IDA FOODS INC PLT                  5835 S VINING RD                       MID009623026

 GREILICKVILLE            TOTAL PETROLEUM INC MARINE TERM        13547 W BAY SHORE DR                   MID084684307

 GROSSE ILE               FERROTECH                              INDUSTRIAL PARK                        MID980678759

 GULLIVER                 PFIZER                                 15MI E OF MANISTIQUE ON US 2           MID051890077

 GWINN                    FORSYTH TWP LDFL                       SPRINGFIELD DR                         MID980993182

 GWINN                    US AIR FORCE K I SAWYER AFB            410 CES DEEV                           MI0571924760

 HAMBURG                  GROSSMAN IDEAL STEEL                   10800 HAMBURG RD                       MID021844568

 HAMBURG                  R & B MFG CO                           7495 E M-36                            MID005498431

 HAMILTON                 ANR PIPELINE CO HAMILTON COMPRESSOR    SW1/4 SEC3 T3N R13W                    MID088869573
 HAMILTON                 PILGRIM FARMS PICKLE PLT               3967 37TH ST                           MID049241631

 HAMTRAMCK                DANA CORP CON VEL PLT                  3901 CHRISTOPHER                       MID046074167

 HAMTRAMCK                PELOQUIN ENTERPRISES                   8250 ST. AUBIN                         MID982067878

 HAMTRAMCK                PELOQUIN ENTERPRISES                   5944 DAVISON                           MID980679641

 HARBOR BEACH             HERCULES INC                           79 STATE ST                            MID005516190


 HARBOR SPRINGS           FURNITURE STRIPPING SHOP               891 W CONWAY RD                        MID981002827

 HARBOR SPRINGS           HARBOR SPRINGS PUBLIC SCHOOL           327 E BLUFF ST                         MID080346570

 HARBOR SPRINGS           MOETEC TOOL & DIE                      8526 MOELLER DR                        MID065854861

 HARBOR SPRINGS           NORTHERN DIE CAST INC                  8582 MOELLER DR                        MID069432482

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HARRIETTA                WEXFORD SAND CO                        28 MILE RD                             MID072579303

 HARRISON                 CLARE CO RD COMMON MANSIDING RD        3900 E MANSIDING                       MID085895258

 HARRISON                 DODGE LAKE DUMP                        DODGE LAKE RD                          MID980993141

 HARRISVILLE              US DEPT OF DEFENSE DFSP HARRISVILLE    US HWY 23                              MI1971590004

 HART                     HART POWER PLT                         100 WATER ST                           MID980993000

 HARTFORD                 DU-WEL HARTFORD                        520 HEYWOOD ST                         MID005422514

 HARTFORD                 HARTFORD MUNI WELL                     MICHIGAN ST                            MID981002801

 HARTFORD TWP             BURROWS SANITATION                     ME1/4 SEC10 R16W T3S                   MID980410617

 HARTLAND                 OASIS TRUCK STOP                       10425 E HIGHLAND                       MID016763179

 HARVEY                   HARVEY RESIDENTIAL WELLS               5247 N 24W 10 AB                       MID980679682

 HARVEY                   HARVEY RESIDENTIAL WELLS               142 W FAIRBANKS                        MID980994131

 HASLET                   PRIVATE FARM                           ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980678973

 HASLETT                  BAY STA HASLETT                        2139 HASLETT RD                        MID981089543

 HASLETT                  LAKE LANSING SEDIMENTS                 MERIDIAN ST                            MID981088206

 HASLETT                  ROSE LAKE MDNR WHSE                    13171 & 14174 WOODBURY RD              MID981101835

 HASTINGS                 BLISS E W LDFL                         1035 E STATE ST                        MID980608459

 HASTINGS                 FLEXFAB INC                            1843 W GUN LAKE                        MID006019988

 HASTINGS                 HASTING CITY LDFL                      WEST STATE RD                          MID980608442

 HASTINGS                 HASTINGS MFG                           325 N HANOVER                          MID006025324

 HASTINGS                 HASTINGS SAN SERV                      1998 N BROADWAY                        MID980506349

 HASTINGS                 NEWTON LUMBER CO                       128 S MICHIGAN                         MID980678924

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HASTINGS                 VIKING CORP                            210 N INDUSTRIAL PARK RD               MID006407142

 HAYES                    JENKINS OIL CO                         OLD US 27                              MID981188360

 HAZEL PARK               MR. JONES BACKYARD                     118 W GEORGE                           MID980678908

 HELENA TWP               HELENA TOWNSHIP FUEL OIL LEAK          CRYSTAL SPRING RD                      MID981537012

 HEMLOCK                  HEMLOCK COUNTY AREA                    FROST RD                               MID980506364

 HEMLOCK                  HEMLOCK SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION      12334 GEDDES RD                        MID095395216

 HENDERSON                BANTA FARMS MIDWEST ABRASIVE           5650 SMITH RD                          MID980991517

 HENRIETTA TWP            HENRIETTA TWP LDFL                     11732 BUNKERHILL RD                    MID980506372

 HERMAN                   RES WELL L'ANSE TWP                    S1/2 SW1/4 S6 T49N R32W                MID981785066

 HERMANSVILLE             MEYERS TOWNSHIP DUMP                   1/2MI NE OF HERMANSVILLE               MID981188121

 HESSEL                   CHEMICAL DRUM                          PINE RIVER                             MID985567643

 HICKORY CORNERS          GULL LAKE MARKET                       BURLINGTON AVE                         MID981001712

 HIGGINS                  ROSCOMMON COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION       469 S MAIN ST                          MID981526080

 HIGGINS LAKE             BIG MACS MARKET                        9963 WEST HIGGINS LAKE DRIVE           MID155275076

 HIGGINS LAKE             FORMER AMOCO GAS STA                   6161 W HIGGINS LAKE DR                 MID980991723

 HIGGINS LAKE             RES WELLS HIGGINS LK SHORES            6320C W HIGGINS LAKE DR                MID981953367

 HIGHLAND                 HI-MILL MFG CO                         1704 HIGHLAND RD                       MID005341714

 HIGHLAND                 NUMATICS INC                           1450 N MILFORD RD                      MID005371851

 HIGHLAND                 WILLIARD LDFL                          3200 TEEPLE LAKE RD                    MID980502017

 HIGHLAND TWP             ROBINSON LDFL                          1910 TEEPLE LAKE RD                    MID980499826

 HILLMAN                  RESIDENTIAL WELL GROSINKI              M-32 HWY                               MID980998447

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HILLMAN                  WAYNE WIRE CLOTH                       REA RD                                 MID981002686

 HILLSDALE                ALLIED PROD CORP                       235 E BACON ST                         MID005044011

 HILLSDALE                CARD & HILLSDALE SITE                  4815 HILLSDALE ROAD., S14,T7S,RS       MID985585165

 HILLSDALE                CONTOUR PLASTICS                       29 SUPERIOR ST                         MID092175066

 HILLSDALE                ESSEX CHEM                             190 URAN ST                            MID068091693

 HILLSDALE                FORMER LICENSED CITY LDFL              WATERWORKS AVE & GRISWOLD ST           MID980609036

 HILLSDALE                HILLSDALE COAL GASIFICATION FAC        WEST STREET                            MID981539570

 HILLSDALE                HILLSDALE TOOL & RUBBER MFG CO         215 INDUSTRIAL DR                      MID005050109

 HILLSDALE                LOPRESTO AUTO SHOP                     3169 N HILLSDALE RD                    MID020280517

 HILLSDALE                LUCAS LDFL JONES GARBAGE               220 MAUCK RD                           MID980506521

 HILLSDALE                POLKOW RESIDENTIAL WELL                125 MOORE RD                           MID000676031

 HOLLAND                  BASF CORPORATION HOLLAND WORKS         471 HOWARD AVENUE                      MID048223986

 HOLLAND                  BASF CORPORATION PIGMENTS RESEARCH     491 COLUMBIA AVE                       MID006411953
 HOLLAND                  HEMCO CORP                             455 DOUGLAS AVE                        MID006013403

 HOLLAND                  HOLLAND TOWNSHIP LDFL                  QUINCY & 142ND ST                      MID980506406

 HOLLAND                  INTERPACE CORP HART & COOLEY MFG DIV   500 E 8TH ST                           MID046171146

 HOLLAND                  KHI INCORPORATED                       582 EAST LAKEWOOD BLVD                 MID006020895

 HOLLAND                  RESIDENTIAL WELL THOMAS                168TH AVE                              MID980993133

 HOLLAND                  SOUTHWEST OTTAWA COUNTY LDFL           2901 N 160TH AVE                       MID980608780

 HOLLAND                  TEXACO HOLLAND TERM                    630 OTTAWA AVE                         MID000722371

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLLAND                  VANGUARD GLASS FABRICATORS INC         96 ELM GROVE                           MID980413827

 HOLLAND                  WASTE MANAGEMENT OF MICHIGAN (HOLLAND  2700 N 168TH ST                        MID060179587
 HOLLAND                  X-RAY IND                              2445 104TH AVE                         MID980992838

 HOLLY                    BOOKER PROP SITE                       8440 FISH LAKE ROAD                    MID981093875

 HOLLY                    DELTA TUBE & FABRICATION CORP          4149 GRANGE HALL RD                    MID065599128

 HOLLY                    FRICK RAY FUEL OIL                     220 ELM ST                             MID981093776

 HOLT                     GUNN RD LDFL                           GUNN RD                                MID981536352

 HOLT                     KELLER ROAD AREA                       4365 KELLER RD                         MID980991301

 HOLT                     MOBIL OIL CORP STA #2                  RT 127 & HOLT RD                       MID980991053

 HOLT                     MOLDED PLASTICS                        2382 JARCO DR                          MID076336072

 HOLT                     SPARTAN ASPHALT & PAVING CO            4025 E HOLT RD                         MID005337092

 HOLTON                   LANE'S GROCERY                         8545 HOLTON RD                         MID023732654

 HORTON                   HORTON RESIDENTIAL WELLS               MOSCOW & COATS RDS                     MID980997597

 HOUGHTON                 PORTAGE TWP DUMP                       SOUTH OF M-26 & SHARON RD              MID980993125

 HOUGHTON HEIGHTS         RESIDENTIAL WELL HOUGHTON LAKE         204 HOUGHTON AVE                       MID981188758
 HOUGHTON LAKE            RESIDENTIAL WELLS                      BEECHWOOD DR                           MID980991384

 HOWARD CITY              HOWARD CITY WWTP                       CYPRESS RD                             MID981097413


 HOWELL                   BRUCE PRODUCTS                         500 N WEST STREET                      MID005317862

 HOWELL                   CAST FORGE CO                          2440 W HIGHLAND RD                     MID980792279

 HOWELL                   CHEM TREND INC                         3205 EAST GRAND RIVER                  MID006402887

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOWELL                   COTTER ELECTRIC CO                     160 CATRELL DRIVE                      MID065586083

 HOWELL                   G & G PAINT DEVELOPMENT                4020 E GRAND RIVER RD                  MID980679674

 HOWELL                   INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO CONTAINER DIV   1450 MCPHERSON PARK DR                 MID041803180

 HOWELL                   LUCY ROAD PARK FORMERLY HOWELL LDFL    LUCY RD                                MID980608517

 HOWELL                   PEPSI COLA METRO BOTTLNG CO            730 ISBELL ST                          MID057675449

 HOWELL                   ROOTO CORP                             3505 W. GRAND RIVER                    MID058805367

 HOWELL                   WELLMAN PROP                           4875 PINCKNEY RD                       MID980678833

 HUBBARD LAKE             GASOLINE CONTAM HUBBARD LAKE           1505 HUBBARD RD                        MID981093784

 HUBBELL                  TORCH LAKE                             STE RTE 26 N OF QUINCY MILLS           MID980901946

 HUDSON                   HARPER CHEVROLET                       555 S MERIDIAN                         MID000681049

 HUDSONVILLE              ROZEMA IND WASTE (GARAGE)              3164 HUDSON AVE                        MID980992911

 HUDSONVILLE              ROZEMA IND WASTE (VOSS FARM)           3205 TAYLOR ST                         MID980992929

 IDA TWP                  WOLVERINE PIPELINE LEAK                T075 R07E NW COR OF NW COR             MID981193386

 INDEPENDENCE TWP         BUCKEYE PIPELINE LEAK                  T04N R09E 19BC                         MID981189863

 INDEPENDENCE TWP         CLARKSTON RD AREA                      6440 CLARKSTON RD                      MID076370659

 INDIAN RIVER             CHEBOYGAN CO RD COMM                   STRAIGHTS HWY AT BUNDER RD             MID981188378

 INDIAN RIVER             INDIAN RIV TEXACO                      3675 STRAITS HWY                       MID980991426

 INGERSOLL                DOW CHEM CO BRINE SPILL                S OF GORDONVILLE RD & SASSE RD         MID980994149

 INKSTER                  ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE CONTROL INC        27140 PRINCETON AVE PO BOX 431         MID057002602

 INKSTER                  INKSTER GASOLINE LEAK                  INKSTER RD                             MID981093941

 INKSTER                  WOLVERINE FAB & MFG DIV EAGLE-PICHER   2638 PRINCESS ST                       MID005354386

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 INTERLOCHEN              CONSUMERS POWER SUBSTATION             SEC16-21 T26N R12W                     MID981189848

 INTERLOCHEN              VILLAGE COIN-OP                        M-37                                   MID980992895

 IONIA                    AMERICAN ANODCO INC                    28 NORTH BEARDSLEY STREET              MID006029102

 IONIA                    BROWN CORP                             314 S STEELE                           MID006029136

 IONIA                    CLYDE RD LDFL                          CLYDE ROAD                             MID981097405

 IONIA                    IONIA CITY LANDFILL                    CLEVELAND STREET                       MID980794416

 IONIA                    IONIA CITY OF                          LINCOLN RD                             MID980992986

 IONIA                    IONIA REFORMATORY PROP                 WEST MAIN ST                           MID981094774

 IONIA                    SUMMIT STEEL PROCESSING CORP           315 WEBER ST                           MID072594690

 IRON                     INLAND STEEL CO BRISTOL MINE           SE1/4 SEC19 T43 R32-CRYSTAL FALLS      MID980608988

 IRON CITY                IRON RIVER TOWNSHIP DISPOSAL           TWIN WEST ROAD                         MID981102023

 IRON MOUNTAIN            CENTRAL LDFL AUTHORITY                 NE1/4 NW1/4 SEC R T39N R30W            MID049510027

 IRON MOUNTAIN            SMEESTER SITE                          1330 S JACKSON ST                      MID006441836

 IRON RIVER               INLAND STEEL CO SHERWOOD MINE          NE1/4 NE1/4 SEC23 T43 R35              MID980608954

 IRON RIVER               IRON RIVER LANDFILL CITY OF            BATES MINE ROAD                        MID981102015

 IRON RIVER TWP           IRON RIVER                             ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980679724

 IRONTON                  CHARLEVOIX CO RD COMM                  M-66                                   MID981188386

 IRONWOOD                 IRONWOOD LANDFILL CITY OF              LANDFILL ROAD                          MID980993117

 ISHPEMING                DEER LAKE                              T48N R27W SEC 26 29 & 32 34            MID980679799

 ISHPEMING                GREENWOOD MINE                         SE-SW1/4 SEC14 T47 R28                 MID980609002

 ISHPEMING                HERCALES ISECO INC PLUTO PLT           POWDER MILL LOCATION                   MID980499768

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ISHPEMING                M. E. INTERNATIONAL                    7400 N. WESTWOOD DRIVE                 MID185919974

 ISHPEMING                MORRIS MINE                            S1/2 SEC1 T47 R28                      MID980609010

 ISHPHEMING               ISHPEMING MICHIGAN CITY LDFL           DIVISION ST                            MID980506430

 ITHACA                   GRATIOT IRON & METAL                   SOUTH ELM & ITHACA STREET              MID985581867

 JACKSON                  AIRPORT SANITARY LANDFILL              WOODVILLE ROAD                         MID981196652

 JACKSON                  CLARK EQUIPMENT                        1300 FALAHEE RD                        MID081612020

 JACKSON                  CONRAIL-JACKSON YARD                   1111 SOUTH ELM AVENUE                  MID981001761

 JACKSON                  FORMER GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO       2219 CHAPIN STREET                     MID005341979
 JACKSON                  FRANKLIN STREET SITE                   FRANKLIN & 23RD STS                    MID981527948

 JACKSON                  GENERAL PROD CORP                      2400 E SOUTH ST                        MID005353446

 JACKSON                  ITT HANCOCK IND                        2300 E GANSON ST                       MID039111737

 JACKSON                  JACKSON COUNTY LDFL #1                 MCGILL RD                              MID981188089

 JACKSON                  JACKSON DROP FORGE                     WELLWORTH AVENUE                       MI0000056457

 JACKSON                  JACKSON FLEXIBLE PROD                  7765 CLINTON RD                        MID052038411

 JACKSON                  JACKSON PRISON FARMS                   BUNKER HILL & PARNALL RDS              MID981188105

 JACKSON                  LANSING AVE BEER CO                    4115 LANSING AVE                       MID029286408

 JACKSON                  LIBRA IND INC                          ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID061865754

 JACKSON                  MANSION STREET WELLFIELD               EAST HIGH ST & BROOKLYN RD             MID980991822

 JACKSON                  MECHANICAL PRODUCTS INC                1824 RIVER STREET                      MID088755103

 JACKSON                  MICHIGAN SEAT CO                       EAST SOUTH ST                          MID981198393

 JACKSON                  NORTHEAST LAND DEVELOPMENT             1225 ELM                               MID981188162

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSON                  QUANEX CORPORATION-MAC STEEL DIV.      3100 BROOKLYN P.O. BOX 1101            MID068814482

 JOHNSTON TWP             SHERROD REFUSE                         851 SHEFFIELD RD                       MID980678320

 JONESVILLE               ADDISON PRODUCT COMPANY                260 GAIGE STREET                       MID005056304

 JONESVILLE               JONESVILLE PROD CO                     3980 BECK RD                           MID005039961

 JONESVILLE               JONESVILLE VILLAGE OLD DUMP            BECK RD                                MID981100993

 JONESVILLE               LAPE RESIDENTIAL WELL                  391 BECK RD                            MID980991012


 JONESVILLE               RESIDENTIAL WELL POPE ROAD             10071 POPE RD                          MID981188196

 JONESVILLE               STILLWELL FORD MERCURY                 378 BECK RD                            MID017129016

 JONESVILLE               TRIPLE A TUBE CO                       4700 BECK RD                           MID005039870

 KALAMAZOO                1952 SITE                              500 BLK OF MOZEL AVE S SIDE ST         MID980678437

 KALAMAZOO                1955 SITE                              512 E PATERSON ST                      MID980678445

 KALAMAZOO                1958 SITE                              7035 E MAIN ST                         MID980678452

 KALAMAZOO                1961 SITE                              MOZEL AVE W OF BURDICK ST              MID980678460

 KALAMAZOO                1964 SITE (FOUNDATION FOR COZY         RIVERVIEW DR                           MID980678478
 KALAMAZOO                1968 SITE                              3635 EAST MAIN STREET NORTH SIDE OF    MID980678486
 KALAMAZOO                1969 SITE                              VICTOR ST NEAR MICHIGAN AVE            MID980678494

 KALAMAZOO                1976-1977 SITE                         EAST MICHIGAN AVE                      MID980678502

 KALAMAZOO                A & B SEPTIC TANK SERVICE              5070 WEST MICHIGAN AVENUE              MID017167222

 KALAMAZOO                ABEX/NWL AEROSPACE DIVISION            2220 PALMER AVENUE                     MID005515853

 KALAMAZOO                ACME PRINTING                          1265 E D AVE                           MID020886040

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KALAMAZOO                ALLIED PAPER/PORTAGE CREEK/KALAMAZOO   511 E PATERSON ST BOX 2798             MID006007306
 KALAMAZOO                AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   2715 MILLER RD DRWR 2228               MID005360680

 KALAMAZOO                AUTO ION CHEMICALS INC                 74 MILL STREET                         MID980794382

 KALAMAZOO                CHECKER MOTORS CORPORATION             2016 NORTH PITCHER STREET              MID005319009

 KALAMAZOO                CONRAIL BOTSFORD YARD                  MILL STREET                            MID985617257

 KALAMAZOO                CONRAIL MILL STREET                    BOTSFORD YARD MILL ST                  MID000718247

 KALAMAZOO                FLINT INK CORP                         2309 NORTH BURDICK STREET              MID005360235

 KALAMAZOO                GEORGIA - PACIFIC CORPORATION          2426 KING HIGHWAY                      MID042441022

 KALAMAZOO                INTERKAL INC                           2605 E KILGORE RD                      MID065854655

 KALAMAZOO                K & L AVENUE LANDFILL                  8606 WEST K L AVE                      MID980506463

 KALAMAZOO                KALAMAZOO MUN WELL #11 KENDALL         KENDALL RD                             MID980994156


 KALAMAZOO                KALAMAZOO MUNI WELLS #14               MT OLIVE & GULL ST                     MID980998827

 KALAMAZOO                KALSEC INC                             3713 W MAIN ST                         MID020907341

 KALAMAZOO                LAKESIDE REFINING CO                   2705 E CORK ST                         MID005380019

 KALAMAZOO                LEAR SIEGLER INC BORROUGHS DIV         3002 N BURDICK                         MID041812777

 KALAMAZOO                MEIJERS GAS STA                        DOUGLAS AVE                            MID980992960

 KALAMAZOO                MICHIGAN DISPOSAL SERVICE (CORK ST     2800 E CORK ST                         MID000775957
 KALAMAZOO                NAZARETH LDFL                          311 NAZARETH ROAD                      MID980499685

 KALAMAZOO                NL IND INC                             4252 E KILGORE                         MID005051123

 KALAMAZOO                PANELYTE                               2403 BURDICK                           MID982070195

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KALAMAZOO                PLASTIC ENGINEERING                    1821 VANDERBILT RD                     MID038618658

 KALAMAZOO                PORTAGE & SECOND STREET AREA           631 SECOND ST                          MID980993109

 KALAMAZOO                PORTAGE CREEK                          PORTAGE CRK WITHIN CITY LIMITS         MID980994628

 KALAMAZOO                PRODUCTION PAINTING                    1002 O'NEIL STREET                     MID985617240

 KALAMAZOO                ROBERTS CONSOLIDATED IND INC           2305 SUPERIOR AVE                      MID005342134

 KALAMAZOO                ROTO-FINISH CO                         3700 MILHAM RD                         MID005340088

 KALAMAZOO                SAVAGE ROWE PLATING CO                 1720 CLINTON ST                        MID005372073

 KALAMAZOO                SER-PLATING CO                         2152 PORTAGE ST                        MID980989321

 KALAMAZOO                SPEARFLEX CORPORATION                  241 E. KALAMAZOO AVE                   MID985601186

 KALAMAZOO                STANDARD OIL GAS STA                   502 W MICHIGAN AVE                     MID980992903

 KALAMAZOO                SUN CHEMICAL CORPORATION               1807 NORTH PITCHER STREET              MID044254563

 KALAMAZOO                UPJOHN CO THE                          5600 EAST G AVENUE                     MID000821538

 KALAMAZOO                UPJOHN CO THE                          7171 PORTAGE RD                        MID000820381

 KALAMAZOO                VIKING DIE CAST CORP                   7700 W MICHIGAN                        MID005375902

 KALAMAZOO                WASTE OIL STORAGE EAST CROSSTOWN PKWY  1326 E CROSSTOWN PKWY                  MID981201049

 KALAMAZOO                WASTE OIL STORAGE HAZARD STREET        937 HAZARD ST                          MID981528227

 KALAMAZOO TWP            KALAMAZOO COUNTY ROAD COMM             3801 E KILGORE RD                      MID020899647

 KALKASKA                 FABRICON AUTO PROD CO                  829 US 131 S                           MID083689612

 KALKASKA                 KALKASKA COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION        1049 ISLAND LAKE RD                    MID980411763

 KALKASKA                 KALKASKA RESIDENTIAL WELLS             CITY OF KALKASKA                       MID980794424

 KALKASKA                 KALKASKA RESIDENTIAL WELLS MCDOWELL    404 KALKASKA ST                        MID980998819

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KALKASKA                 MICHIGAN OIL CO                        OLD M 72                               MID981089618

 KALKASKA                 PLUM VALLEY RD                         RAPID RIVER                            MID981089709

 KALKASKA                 POOL CO AREA                           SEELEY RD                              MID981188188

 KALKASKA                 RESIDENTIAL WELLS ICKES                WHEELER LAKE ROAD                      MID980998843

 KALKASKA                 RICCI WELL SITE                        NORTH SUNSET TRAIL                     MID980993091

 KALKASKA                 SEILER TANK TRUCK SERV                 309 W SEELEY                           MID981188212

 KALKASKA                 SHELL OIL CO WESTERN E & P GAS         EAST THOMAS RD                         MID085893782
 KALKASKA                 WAYNE WIRE CLOTH PROD                  10 DRESDEN ST                          MID006012199

 KALKASKA                 WOLVERINE OIL DSPL SITE                39427 N US 131                         MID980992143

 KASSON TWP               GLENS SAN LDFL                         518 M-72 WEST                          MID101633477

 KASSON TWP               LEELANAU COUNTY LDFL                   CO 667 SEC35 SW1/4                     MID981089360

 KAWKAWLIN                HARTLEY & HARTLEY                      2370 S TWO MILE RD                     MID000605956

 KAWKAWLIN                PETERS MFG                             2768 HURON RD                          MID980897029

 KENT CITY                KENT CITY BODY SHOP                    91 S MAIN ST                           MID980992069

 KENT CITY                KENT CITY MOBILE HOME PARK             135 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  MID981089915

 KENTON                   CYB TOOL                               42056 MICHIGAN                         MI0000037606

 KENTWOOD                 52ND & KALAMAZOO                       5615 KALAMAZOO SE                      MID980991962

 KENTWOOD                 KEELER BRASS CO                        32ND ST                                MID057042434

 KENTWOOD                 KENTWOOD LANDFILL                      4900 WALMA AVENUE                      MID000260281

 KEWADIN                  PICNIC BASKET PARTY STORE              13728 CAIRN HWY                        MID059696419

 KEWEENAW BAY             US ARMY KEWEENAW FIELD STA             KEWEENAW FIELD                         MI5210022583

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KINGSFORD                EASTON ESTATES METHANE SITE            2100 BLOCK OF BREEN AVENUE             MI0001326602

 KINGSFORD                FORMER FORD KINGSFORD PLT              BREITUNG AVE                           MID980990485

 KINGSFORD                GREDE FOUNDRIES INC                    801 SOUTH CARPENTER AVENUE             MID006131890

 L'ANSE VILLAGE           L'ANSE VILLAGE LDFL                    NW1/4 & SW1/4 OF SEC 12 T5 34W         MID980679708

 LAKE ANN                 METAL WORKING SHOP                     REYNOLDS ROAD                          MID980992952

 LAKE CITY                WAGONER TRANSPORTATION                 M-55 3MI EAST OF LAKE CITY             MID980992887

 LAKE GEORGE              RESIDENTIAL WELLS HOLMES MCGEORGE      162 LAKE GEORGE AVE                    MID981001860

 LAKE ODESSA              RESIDENTIAL WELL MARTIN ROAD           7644 MARTIN RD                         MID981528201

 LAKE ORION               BALD MOUNTAIN RECREATIONAL AREA        705 W GREENSHIELD RD                   MID980991269


 LAKE ORION               SOUTH OXFORD WELLS                     LAPEER ROAD                            MI0000347914

 LAKELAND                 WINTERS QUICK CLEAN                    6464 E M-36                            MID085464816

 LAKETON TWP              HARRIS OIL CO                          WEBER RD T10N R17W SEC15 NW1/4         MID005656657

 LAKEVIEW                 LAKEVIEW AIRPORT                       CUTLER RD                              MID981097421

 LAMBERTVILLE             P & B STANDARD                         7386 SECOR RD                          MID077575900

 LANSE                    CELOTEX CORP                           200 SOUTH MAIN ST                      MID006129332

 LANSE                    VERNIERS AL 510 P                      HWY 41                                 MID981188402

 LANSING                  ADAMS PLATING                          521 NORTH ROSEMARY                     MID006522791

 LANSING                  ASHLAND CHEMICAL SITE                  1800 GLENROSE ST                       MID047173653

 LANSING                  B-O-C GROUP A DIV OF GENERAL MOTORS    920 TOWNSEND STREET                    MID005356894
 LANSING                  BARREL RECYCLER                        NORTH LOGAN ST                         MID981102247

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LANSING                  BARRELS INC                            1404 N LARCH ST                        MID017188673

 LANSING                  BENDAS GAS STA                         629 W SAGINAW                          MID980991285

 LANSING                  BILLS WRECKER SERV                     123 E HODGE                            MID981188790

 LANSING                  CHEMICAL PLT MUNI WELL                 NORTH END OF GLENROSE ST               MID980991475

 LANSING                  COCA COLA BOTTLING                     3300 SO CREYTS RD                      MID039124342

 LANSING                  CONRAIL                                CAVANAUGH RD TRACK                     MID000718288

 LANSING                  CREGO PARK                             FIDELITY DR                            MID981536345

 LANSING                  DRAKE GASOLINE                         2105 E GRAND RIVER                     MID981089550

 LANSING                  ENVIRONMENTAL LAB                      315 N CLIPPERT ST                      MIT270011901

 LANSING                  FOSTER ST ABANDONED PLATING CO         722 S FOSTER ST                        MID980994362

 LANSING                  FRIEDLAND IRON & METAL                 936 HARRIS                             MID981536337

 LANSING                  GMC LANSING CAR ASSEMBLY BODY PLANT    401 VERLINDEN AVENUE                   MID005356928

 LANSING                  GRANGER LDFL                           923 EAST PAULSON STREET                MID980614127

 LANSING                  GRANGER LDFL                           8550 W GRAND RIVER AVE                 MID980614135

 LANSING                  LANSING BOARD OF WATER & LIGHT         110 AURELIUS RD                        MID980991491

 LANSING                  LANSING CITY DISPOSAL CO               COMFORT ST                             MID980506489

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI #10-15                    2240 WEST WILLOW                       MID980991889

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #10-12               SUNSET ST                              MID981089436

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #10-5                1948 COMFORT ST                        MID980991871

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #25-13               500 N CEDAR ST                         MID981089402

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #25-19               1420 CENTER STREET                     MID980991897

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 45 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #25-2                115 S CEDAR                            MID980991863

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #25-20               TURNER STREET                          MID981089386

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #45-02               500 S CEDAR ST                         MID981089394

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #50-20               750 SOUTH PENNSYLVANIA                 MID981089410

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNI WELL #60-10               LOCK RIDGE                             MID981089428

 LANSING                  LANSING MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             5801 AURELIUS ROAD                     MID980506505

 LANSING                  MAC ALL CAR SERVICE                    1800 1/2 GLENROSE                      MID017196536

 LANSING                  MICHIGAN BELL TEL CO                   CAPITOL & IONIA ST                     MID981089378

 LANSING                  MICHIGAN DEPT MGT & BUDGET FED         3369 N LOGAN ST                        MID103800348
 LANSING                  MOBIL OIL CORP STA #1                  HOLMES & LOGAN RDS                     MID980991046

 LANSING                  MOTOR WHEEL CORP. - GPI DIV.           1600 NORTH LARCH STREET                MID005380134

 LANSING                  OB & B PLATING                         3435 W HOLMES                          MID981101041

 LANSING                  OLD CITY OF LANSING LDFL               END OF PAULSON ST                      MID981101033

 LANSING                  PRIVATELY OWNED FARMLAND               OUTSKIRTS OF LANSING                   MID980678262

 LANSING                  REN PLASTICS                           5656 S CEDAR ST                        MID005319603

 LANSING TWP              MOTOR WHEEL                            2401 N HIGH ST (REAR)                  MID980702989

 LAPEER                   ALBAR INDUSTRIES                       780 WHITNEY DRIVE                      MID981189020

 LAPEER                   THUMB RADIATOR SERVICE                 RTE 21                                 MID981785132

 LAPEER TOWNSHIP          LAPEER METAL PRODUCTS                  1070 CLARK ROAD                        MID050615921

 LARKIN                   LARKIN TWP BRINE SPILL                 PERRINE & MIER RDS                     MID980994297

 LAWTON                   LAWTON PICKLE CO                       301 W 4TH ST                           MID005529219

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 46 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LEE                      LEE TWP BRINE SPILL                    PRAIRIE CREEK RD & 8MI RD              MID980994321

 LEIGHTON TWP             LEIGHTON TOWNSHIP DUMPSITE             KALAMAZOO AVE 130TH & 140TH            MID980506513

 LEROY                    RESIDENTIAL WELL GRAY/MILLER           WEST ROSE LAKE RD                      MID980998462

 LESLIE                   ALLIED/HERGUTH/RICHARDS                4076 W COVERT                          MID980678288

 LEVERING                 EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION           LEVERING RD                            MID981189913

 LEVERING                 MCKINLEY TWP DUMP                      LEVERY & KEISER RDS                    MID980991418

 LEWISTON                 LEWISTON LAUNDROMAT                    COUNTY RD 612                          MID981193378

 LEXINGTON                BROWNS SAN LDFL                        7095 BURNSTINE ROAD                    MID981097439

 LEXINGTON                CANTRIC CORP                           5260 LAKESHORE RD                      MID005350749

 LIMA TWP                 INDEPENDENT HEAT TREAT CORP            11850 DEXTER CHELSEA                   MID065604654

 LINCOLN                  ALCONA COUNTY LANDFILL                 HUBBARD LAKE ROAD                      MID981188428

 LINCOLN                  ALCONA COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION          301 NORTH LAKE                         MID072583990

 LINCOLN                  IRON SKILLET                           101 LAKE ST                            MID981188436

 LINCOLN                  LINCOLN CITY OF                        117 W FISKE                            MID051512507

 LINCOLN                  LINCOLN VILLAGE HARDWARE               901 N BARLOW RD                        MID079295143

 LINCOLN                  SOMERS MOBIL SERV LINCOLN              307 S SECOND ST                        MID017207325

 LINCOLN PARK             NAGEL RESIDENCE SITE                   866 WHITE STREET                       MID985569854

 LINWOOD                  BAYVIEW FOOD PROD #1                   219 E BENJAMIN                         MID005519517

 LITCHFIELD               GAME TIME INC                          900 ANDERSON RD                        MID120453873

 LITCHFIELD               LITCHFIELD OLD DUMP                    ADAMS RD                               MID981089600

 LITCHFIELD               SIMPSON IND                            917 ANDERSON RD                        MID005035464

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 47 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LITTLE LAKE              OLD SAMUELSON WELL                     2-3 BLKS N OF M-35                     MID980998835

 LIVONIA                  FMC CORP SPECIALTY CHEM DIV            35750 INDUSTRIAL RD                    MID098682495

 LIVONIA                  G.M.C. INLAND LIVONIA PLANT            28400 PLYMOUTH ROAD                    MID076331271

 LIVONIA                  GENERAL MOTORS DELCO CHASSIS DIVISION  13000 ECKLES ROAD                      MID005356621

 LIVONIA                  SUN CLEANSER CO SUN LIVONIA            35750 INDUSTRIAL RD                    MID000268854

 LIVONIA                  WEST BEITZ CREEK FILL AREA             33901 CURTIS                           MI0000347831

 LORETTO                  WAUCEDAH TOWNSHIP LANDFILL             1/2MILE NORTH OF LORETTO NEAR          MID980993075
 LOWELL                   ATTWOOD CORP                           1016 N MONROE                          MID006031918

 LOWELL                   WESCO GAS STA                          EAST MAIN ST & JEFFERSON               MID980992861

 LOWELL                   WHITES BRIDGE RD AREA                  WHITES BRIDGE RD                       MID981189087

 LUDINGTON                C & O RR YD                            FIRST ST                               MID980678619

 LUDINGTON                DEBOER RESIDENTIAL WELL                RTE 5 KISTLER RD                       MID980993059

 LUDINGTON                DOW CHEM                               SOUTH MADISON ST                       MID006016919

 LUDINGTON                DOW CHEM PERE MARQUETTE TWP            MEYERS & SIXTH ST                      MID980993018


 LUDINGTON                HACKERT STANDARD                       202 E LUDINGTON AVE                    MID017219767

 LUDINGTON                INDUSTRIAL PLATING AREA                902 N HARRISON                         MID020901625

 LUDINGTON                MICH CON LUDINGTON-DOWLAND STREET      410 EAST DOWLAND STREET                MID985664796

 LUDINGTON                STAR WATCH CASE CO PLT                 306 S RATH ST                          MID981089683

 LUDINGTON                WESCO                                  LUDINGTON AVE                          MID981096167

 LUPTON                   RESIDENTIAL WELL MAIN STREET LUPTON    3335 MAIN ST                           MID981188741

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 48 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LUZERNE                  SCHILDS RESIDENTIAL WELLS              CO RD 606 41/2MI N OF LUZERNE          MID980994198

 LYON TWP                 LYON TWP DUMP                          25520 JOHNS RD                         MID980679906

 MACKINAC ISLAND          MACKINAC HOTEL                         EAST END                               MID083299420

 MACKINAW CITY            MUNICIPAL DSPL AREA                    TRAILS END RD                          MID980991855

 MADISON HEIGHTS          MCGRAW-EDISON SERV                     32471 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                  MID980609432

 MADISON HEIGHTS          SOUTHEASTERN OAKLAND CO INCIN          29470 JOHN R STREET                    MID980006282
 MANCELONA                GULF & WESTERN MFG CO                  90-96 RAILROAD                         MID060178688

 MANCELONA                TAR LAKE                               NE COR SEC30 T29N R6W                  MID980794655

 MANCHESTER               HOOVER UNIVERSAL INC PLASTICS MACH     10501 HWY M52 PO BOX 129               MID061887196
 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER DUMP                        14731 SCHLWEIS                         MID980506539

 MANCHESTER               SYCOR CORP                             7072 HASHLEY ROAD                      MID980678387

 MANISTEE                 DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT CO (SIA)          1501 MAIN ST                           MID050950690

 MANISTEE                 MANISTEE AREA SCHOOL BUS GARAGE        610 PARKDALE US 31                     MID981188451

 MANISTEE                 MANISTEE PLATING CO.                   261 SIXTH AVE                          MID006016620

 MANISTEE                 MARTIN MARIETTA CHEM CORP PLT SITE     1800 EAST LAKE ROAD                    MID006016117

 MANISTEE                 MORTON THIOKOL PLT SITE                180 6TH ST                             MID017223843

 MANISTEE                 RENGO OIL CO MANISTEE                  217 FILER ST                           MID981188444

 MANISTIQUE               MANISTIQUE RIVER/HARBOR AREA OF        453 SOUTH MACKINAC                     MID981192628
 MANTON                   WEXFORD COUNTY SAN LDFL                990 N 131 RD                           MID980992846

 MARCELLUS                BAER DRIVE AREA MARCELLUS              BOX 265 BAER DR                        MID981528151

 MARION                   CONSUMERS POWER CO/MICHIGAN GAS        SEC 34 T20N R6W                        MID020907275

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 49 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MARNE                    MARNE LDFL AKA SUBURBAN LDFL           15342 24TH AVE                         MID980608772

 MARNE                    RESIDENTIAL WELL MARNE                 14290 IRONWOOD DR                      MID981532906

 MARQUETTE                CLIFF/DOW DUMP                         CO RD 550 1/2MI N DEAD RIV             MID980608970

 MARQUETTE                CLIFF/DOW PLT SITE                     SHORE OF LAKE SUPERIOR                 MID980679666

 MARQUETTE                MARQUETTE LDFL CITY OF                 CITY HALL DEPT OF PUBLIC WKS           MID980993042

 MARSHALL                 APEX OIL MARSHALL TERM                 1234 SEVENTEEN MILE RD                 MIT270012164

 MARSHALL                 BAKER RESIDENTIAL WELL                 17994 23 MILE RD                       MID980991277

 MARSHALL                 CALHOUN CO RD COMM MARSHALL            13300 15MI RD                          MID072581093

 MARSHALL                 EATON LDFL                             1101 W HANOVER                         MID005515929

 MARSHALL                 FORMER MARSHALL CITY LDFL              A DRIVE NORTH                          MID981187420

 MARSHALL                 MARSHALL IRON & METAL CO               420 WEST SPRUCE STREET                 MID017231960

 MARSHALL                 V & L IND INC                          13219 FIFTEEN MILE RD                  MID065860371

 MARTIN                   COMMERCIAL WELLS MARTIN VLG OF         MAIN AND ALLEGAN ST                    MID981201262

 MARYSVILLE               AMERICAN TAPE COMPANY                  317 KENDALL AVENUE                     MID061862926

 MARYSVILLE               MORTON SALT CO PORT HURON PLT (SIA)    601 BUSHA HWY                          MID057694812

 MARYSVILLE               ST. CLAIR RUBBER COMPANY/AMERICAN      1765 MICHIGAN AVE                      MID980006357
 MARYSVILLE               WILLS STREET DUMP SITE                 2408 WILLS ST                          MID981002660

 MASON                    AMERICHEM CORPORATION                  340 NORTH STREET                       MID052034402

 MASON                    DART CONTAINER CORP                    432 HOGSBACK RD                        MID099125114

 MASON                    INGHAM COUNTY RD COMMISSION            841 KIM DR                             MID052486552

 MASS CITY                GREENLAND TWP LDFL                     1/2MI E OF MASS CITY                   MID980993034

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 50 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MATTAWAN                 BOYER RESIDENTIAL WELLS                45732 22ND ST                          MID980992820

 MATTAWAN                 GLASER CRANDELL CO                     ARMENIA ST                             MID981096092

 MATTAWAN                 INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH & DEV           500 N MAIN ST                          MID048989891


 MCFARLAND                TURIN TOWNSHIP DSPL                    1/2MI E OF M-35                        MID981188253

 MCMILLAN                 LAKEFIELD TWP DUMP                     H-33 HWY                               MID981187446

 MECOSTA                  FARM & RESIDENTIAL WELL                70TH AVE                               MID980992812

 MELVINDALE               MELVINDALE CITY OF TRANSFER STA        3101 GREENFIELD RD                     MID981189970


 MELVINDALE               MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS CO           3900 GREENFIELD RD                     MID980994776
 MELVINDALE               NORFOLK & WESTERN RR MELVINDALE        17670 N WABASH ST                      MID980005193

 MELVINDALE               RIVER ROUGE                            SCHAEFER HWY BRIDGE                    MID981532955

 MELVINDALE               RIVER ROUGE FILL AREA                  SCHAEFER RD E GREENFIELD RD WS N       MID985569144
 MENDON                   LEAR SIEGLER INC PLASTICS              236 W CLARK                            MID005227228

 MENOMINEE                ENSTROM RJ CO FORMER DIV OF PACIFIC    MENOMINEE CO ARPT                      MID980608913
 MENOMINEE                MENOMINEE REFUSE CITY OF               1/2MI W OF MARINETTE AIRPORT           MID981188113

 MENOMINEE                RESIDENTIAL WELL MENOMINEE TWP         RA505 B LINSMEIER RD                   MID981954886

 MERIDIAN TWP             MALLARD STREET SITE                    SEC2 T4N R1W                           MID981192651

 MERRILL                  MERRILL DUMP                           148 W SAGINAW                          MID981532914

 MESICK                   FOUR D TOOL CO                         100 MESICK ST                          MID980992549

 MESICK                   TRUCKING ACCIDENT/ M-37-M-115          M-37 & M-115                           MID980992804

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 51 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MESICK                   TRUCKING ACCIDENT/NORTH OF MESICK      M37 2MI N OF MESICK                    MID980992796

 MESICK                   UNION 76 GASOLINE STA                  M-37 175 FT NE OF JCT M115             MID981200199

 METAMORA                 METAMORA LDFL                          1636 DRYDEN RD                         MID980506562

 METAMORA                 THORNVILLE ROAD DUMP AKA METAMORA      THORNVILLE RD                          MID980678882

 MICHIGAN CENTER          PAGE AVENUE DUMP                       5056 PAGE AVE                          MID980608731

 MIDDLEVILLE              BRADFORD - WHITE CORP                  200 LAFAYETTE                          MID043687391

 MIDDLEVILLE              FARM BUREAU CO-OP                      M-37                                   MID980992556

 MIDLAND                  CENTRAL MICHIGAN PETROLEUM             CR OF ASHMAN & HINES                   MID981188485

 MIDLAND                  CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC         4200 JAMES SAVAGE RD                   MID000608489

 MIDLAND                  CONTINENTAL FOREST IND                 2700 JAMES SAVAGE RD                   MID005338637

 MIDLAND                  DOW CHEM CO DSPL WELL #9               WALDO RD                               MID980614069


 MIDLAND                  DOW CORNING CORP MIDLAND PLT           3901 S SAGINAW RD                      MID000809632

 MIDLAND                  DOW POSEYVILLE LDFL                    POSEYVILLE RD                          MID980994347

 MIDLAND                  GORDONVILLE RD DUMP                    1237 GORDONVILLE RD                    MID981097447

 MIDLAND                  MIDLAND DOW WELL SITE                  RTE 10 2MI E OF MIDLAND                MID000724856

 MIDLAND                  MIDLAND LDFL CITY OF                   4311 E ASHMAN ST                       MID980504633

 MIDLAND                  OIL FIELD AREA ANDREASON RES           1895 W ISABELLA RD                     MID981188477

 MIDLAND                  TITTABAWASSEE RIV                      DOW DAM TO SAGINAW RIV                 MID980994354

 MIDLAND                  TRIDGE AREA                            ASHMAN & MAIN ST                       MID981097470

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 52 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MIDLAND                  WINDOVER LDFL                          MID-BAY COUNTY LINE RD                 MID000605741

 MILAN                    DARLING ROAD DUMP SITE                 13920 DARLING RD                       MID980679807

 MILAN                    FORD MILAN PLASTICS                    800 COUNTY STREET                      MID091955476

 MILAN                    MICHIGAN DSPL AUGUSTA LDFL             ARKONA RD                              MID980504484

 MILAN                    TEXACO STA MILAN                       1055 DEXTER RD                         MID981532963

 MILAN                    ZIEMAN & GRAMES RD DUMP SITE           12530 LIEMAN RD                        MID981093883

 MILFORD                  GMC PROVING GROUND MILFORD             HICKORY RIDGE & GM RD                  MID082220757

 MILFORD                  MILFORD LDFL                           1100 OLD PLANK ROAD                    MID980506588

 MILTON TWP               SOUTHWEST LDFL                         709 ANDERSON                           MID980501936

 MIO                      HOSKINS MFG                            RR #1 E KITTLE RD                      MID980567838

 MIO                      OSCODA CO RD COMM                      300 8TH ST                             MID981785116

 MIO                      WASHOUT LAUNDRY                        200 DEY ARMOND ST                      MID981097496

 MONITOR                  BAY COUNTY COAL MINING                 BTWN T14N R3E & T14N R4E               MID980995138

 MONROE                   CONSOLIDATED PACKAGING CORP            921 E ELM ST                           MID980999882

 MONROE                   DETROIT EDISON DREDGE                  FRONT ST                               MID981102270

 MONROE                   FORD MOTOR CO                          3200 E ELM AVE                         MID005057005

 MONROE                   MONROE CASTING PLANT                   917 FRONT STREET                       MI0001251297

 MONROE                   MONROE CITY LDFL                       FRONT STREET BTWN PORT & MCMILLIAN     MID980506604

 MONROE                   MONROE STONE PLT (SIA)                 8532 E DUNBAR RD                       MID980703680

 MONROE                   MONROE WKS                             ELM AVE                                MID980609465

 MONROE                   PORT OF MONROE LDFL                    PLUM CREEK BTWN I-75 & FRONT           MID980678890

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 53 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONROE                   SALCO INDUSTRIAL SERVICE               704 CONANT                             MID000722728

 MONTAGUE                 EI DU PONT DE NEMOURS MONTAGUE PLANT   LAMOS & WILKS ROAD                     MID000809640

 MONTAGUE                 HOOKER MONTAGUE PLANT                  OLD CHANNEL TRAIL                      MID006014906

 MONTAQUE                 MONTAQUE MUNI WELL                     BOWEN ST                               MID981532922

 MONTAQUE                 TECH CAST INC                          8110 WHITBECK RD                       MID006545800

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY VILLAGE DUMP                MONTGOMERY RD                          MID981188147

 MONTROSE                 MCKINLEY & M-57 DUMP SITE              SE COR MCKINLEY M-57                   MID981101009

 MONTROSE                 SEYMOUR ROAD LANDFILL                  13164 SEYMOUR RD                       MID981188493

 MOORLAND TWP             MUSKEGON COUNTY WASTE WATER            9300 APPLE AVE                         MID980499677

 MORENCI                  MORENCI CITY LDFL 1 & 2                234 W MAIN                             MID000606921

 MORENCI                  PARKER SURFACE TREATMENT               322 W MAIN ST                          MID058723867

 MORLEY                   COMMERCIAL WELL MILLARD REALTY         327 S CASS                             MID980992507

 MOSHERVILLE              INDUSTRIAL WELLS MOSHERVILLE           1020 MOSHERVILLE                       MID981188154

 MOSHERVILLE              MOSHERVILLE AREA OIL PIT & DUMP        MOSHERVILLE RD                         MID980994206

 MOUNT CLEMENS            SELFRIDGE AIR NATIONAL GUARD ANGB      DETACHMENT 1/DEE                       MID099113128

 MOUNT PLEASANT           TOTAL PETROLEUM MOUNT PLEASANT SITE    301 S MISSION ST                       MID006960389

 MT CLEMENS               DEAN BROTHERS COMPANY                  16560 CLINTON RIVER ROAD               MID980678684

 MT CLEMENS               DUPONT MT CLEMENS PLT                  400 W GROSBECK HWY                     MID005358825

 MT CLEMENS               FORMER SAFETY-KLEEN CORP SERVICE       44043 GROESBECK HIGHWAY                MID981091838
 MT CLEMENS               JOHN M MARSH SERVICE STATION           36291 GRATIOT AVE                      MID981961378

 MT CLEMENS               MOUNT CLEMENS CITY LANDFILL            NORTH RIVER ROAD                       MID981190028

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 54 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MT CLEMENS               US NAVY NAVEL AIR FAC                  I-94                                   MI0690320239

 MT PLEASANT              DANA CORP                              801 E DIVISION                         MID060183811

 MT PLEASANT              ISABELLA COUNTY SAN LDFL               5650 W TOMAH RD                        MID980992788

 MT PLEASANT              MICHIGAN OHIO PIPELING CO              BAMBER RD                              MID981188139

 MT PLEASANT              SCHUTT RESIDENTIAL WELL                4942 E VALLEY RD                       MID980992093

 MT PLEASANT              TOTAL PETROLEUM INC ROOSEVELT          600 W PICKARD ST                       MID980992408

 MT PLEASANT              TOTAL PETROLEUM MT PLEASANT            301 S MISSION ST                       MID981096118

 MT. CLEMENS              FORD MOTOR COMPANY-MT. CLEMENS         151 LAFAYETTE STREET                   MID076342708

 MUNGER                   KUEHNEMUND HARDWARE                    45 EAST MUNGER ROAD                    MID985573187

 MUNSING                  LAKE STATES WOOD PRESERVING            ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID990687964

 MUSKEGON                 AMERICAN COIL SPRING CO                1041 E KEATING                         MID006016562

 MUSKEGON                 ANACONDA IND MAGNET WIRE               1133 W WESTERN AVE                     MID980700850

 MUSKEGON                 BEAR CREEK                             NEAR RUSSEL AND HIGHWAY 120            MID980678569

 MUSKEGON                 BOFORS NOBEL, INC                                                             MID006030373

 MUSKEGON                 BROUTON RD                             1/8MI N OF WHITE RD                    MID980992739

 MUSKEGON                 BRUNSWICK CORP                         525 W LAKETON ST                       MID006407175

 MUSKEGON                 BYARD WILLIAM PRIVATE WELL             2061 THERESA                           MID980678254

 MUSKEGON                 CENTRAL ROAD DUMP SITE                 CENTRAL RD                             MID980504609

 MUSKEGON                 CONSUMER POWER CO B C COBB DSPL& CO    151 N CAUSEWAY                         MID097804330
 MUSKEGON                 DUELL & GARDNER LDFL                   1285 E BARD RD                         MID980504716

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 55 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MUSKEGON                 EAST SHORE CHEM                        1221 BARNEY AVE                        MID006545511

 MUSKEGON                 IROQUIS HOODS INC                      2100 BARTON ST                         MID980992531

 MUSKEGON                 KAYDON CORP                            2860 MCCRACKEN AVE                     MID006016703

 MUSKEGON                 LAKESHORE DRIVE AREA                   1MI N LAKE SHORE/GRAND DOCK            MID980608921

 MUSKEGON                 LORIN IND LOU ANODIZERS INC            1960 ROBERT ST                         MID006031785

 MUSKEGON                 MARATHON OIL PRODUCTS                  2920 E LAKETON AVE                     MIT270010770

 MUSKEGON                 MARATHON PIPELINE LEAK                 AIRLINE & GETTY RDS                    MID980992762

 MUSKEGON                 MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED MUSKEGON         MORRIS AVE                             MID980702682

 MUSKEGON                 MICHIGAN FOUNDRY SUPPLY                700 W WESTERN                          MID980494512

 MUSKEGON                 MOBILE OIL CO SOCONY                   2725 GLENSIDE BLVD                     MID000724906

 MUSKEGON                 MUSKEGON PISTON RING CO INC            1839 6TH STREET                        MID088862933

 MUSKEGON                 MUSKEGON TWP HALL                      1990 APPLE AVE                         MID980992754

 MUSKEGON                 NORDCO DRUM INC GETTY STREET PLT       1708 GETTY ST                          MID990760712

 MUSKEGON                 NORTHSIDE LDFL                         2001 E MCMILLAN                        MID980992747

 MUSKEGON                 OLD MUSKEGON DUMP CITY OF              CAUSEWAY AKA OLD HWY 31                MID980608756

 MUSKEGON                 OUR LADY OF GRACE CHURCH               495 S GETTY ST                         MID981094808

 MUSKEGON                 PECK STREET LDFL                       PECK ST & SEAWAY DR                    MID981200777

 MUSKEGON                 PEERLESS PLATING CO INC                2554 GETTY ST                          MID006031348

 MUSKEGON                 QUALITY FARM & FLEET                   1460 WHITEHALL RD                      MID017272352

 MUSKEGON                 RESIDENTIAL WELLS LINCOLN ST           LINCOLN ST                             MID980992770

 MUSKEGON                 RUDDIMAN DRAIN AREA                    EAST & W OF HENRY ST                   MID980608764

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 56 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MUSKEGON                 SCOTT PAPER CO                         2400 S LAKESHORE DR                    MID006021265

 MUSKEGON                 SEALED POWER CO                        2001 SANFORD ST                        MIT270010580

 MUSKEGON                 SEALED POWER CORP TAPPET DIV           1185 E KEATING AVE                     MID060174125

 MUSKEGON                 SOCONY MOBILE OIL CO                   SISSON & MCCRAKEN STS                  MID980992432

 MUSKEGON                 STRAND & RIVER DISPOSAL                2955 STRAND ROAD                       MI0000332510

 MUSKEGON                 TEKMOLK INC (SIA)                      2850 LINCOLN                           MID055854285

 MUSKEGON                 TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL MOTORS GEN PROD   76 GETTY STREET                        MID006407597
 MUSKEGON                 THERMO CHEM INC                        4331 EVANSTON AVE                      MID044567162

 MUSKEGON                 THOMAS SOLVENT CO MUSKEGON             4321 EVANSTON AVE                      MID017274093

 MUSKEGON                 THRIFTY ACRES                          NORTON & SEAWAY DR                     MID980608855

 MUSKEGON                 ZEPHYR INC                             1222 HOLTON RD                         MID006019020


 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         BROWN-MORSE CO                         110 E BROADWAY ST                      MID006024293

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         CAMPBELL WYATT & COMMON CWC PLT #3     2672 HENRY ST                          MID006030357

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         CWC CASTING PLT #1                     STANFORD ST & BROADWAY                 MID000809921

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         CWC CASTING PLT #4                     BROADWAY AVE                           MID000809913

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         HOLIDAY INN AREA                       3450 HOYT ST                           MID980609192

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         SAMBOS AREA                            3409 HOYT ST                           MID980608863

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         SCA INDEPENDENT LANDFILL               BROADWAY & BROOKS                      MID000724930

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         SEAWAY LANDFILL                        1MILE SOUTHEAST SEAWAY DRIVE           MID980608822

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         SYSTECH LIQUID TRMT CORP               3030 WOOD ST                           MID072585755

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 57 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS         UNICO INC                              2513 PARK ST                           MID006024400

 MUSKEGON HTS             LITTLE BLACK CREEK                     T9N R16W SEC 5                         MID980992077

 MUSKEGON TWP             LITTLE BEAR CREEK                      GILES & RUSSELL RDS SEC6               MID981089717

 NAHMA TOWNSHIP           NAHMA LANDFILL/HIAWATHA NATIONAL       8 MI NW OF NAHMA                       MI0000855999
 NAPOLEON                 NAPOLEON CITY LANDFILL                 HOYER ROAD                             MID981094790

 NATIONAL CITY            BECKER RESIDENTIAL WELL                1884 SAGINAW                           MID980991509

 NATIONAL CITY            SHERMAN TWP LDFL                       ALABASTER & NATIONAL CITY NE           MID980991921

 NAUBINWAY                KING FISH MARKET                       US 2                                   MID981101868

 NEAR THOMPSONVILLE       CARTER SIDING                          SEC 24 T 26N B 14W                     MI0001571868

 NEGAUNEE                 NEGAUNEE TWP GW CONTAMINATION          3.5 MILES EAST OF NEGAUNEE             MID981776479

 NEW BUFFALO              HILDYS AMOCO                           30 W BUFFALO                           MID021643267

 NEW HAVEN                MACOMB COUNTY DUMP                     I-94 & 25 MILE RD                      MID980506547

 NEW HAVEN                NEW HAVEN FOUNDRY                      58391 MAIN ST                          MID005378781

 NEW HUDSON               LYON DEVELOPMENT COMPANY               MILFORD ROAD                           MID980609275

 NEWAYGO                  KIMBALL LK OIL FIELD AREA              SEC10-15 T12N R13W                     MID981189954

 NEWAYGO                  NEWAYGO SAN WASTE DSPL                 M-37 NR BASSWOOD RD                    MID981089626

 NEWBERRY                 NEWBERRY VILLAGE DUMP                  CO RD 462 T46N R9W SEC 29              MID980679633

 NEWBURY                  COWEN ROAD LANDFILL                    COWEN COUNTRY ROAD                     MID985661123

 NILES                    BIRCHCREST ESTATES MOBILE HOME PARK    2330 E MAIN ST                         MID981528169

 NILES                    BOWMAN AMERSON CO                      35 SYCAMORE                            MID001761493

 NILES                    N-S NILES LAKE STREET PLT              1631 LAKE ST                           MIT270010549

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 58 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NILES                    NILES RESIDENTIAL WELL                 DECKER ST                              MID980992721

 NILES                    REED STANLEY                           154 HATFIELD RD                        MID980608426

 NILES                    SE BERRIEN COUNTY LANDFILL AUTHORITY   3200 CHAMBERLAIN                       MID980678346

 NILES                    SHELLER-GLOBE CORP NILES DIV           1501 S 3RD ST                          MID082859315

 NILES                    TERMINAL ROAD LDFL AKA ACME DSPL CO    2570 TERMINAL RD                       MID051216786

 NILES                    TEXACO INC TEXACO USA SALES TERM       2303 S 3RD                             MID092045665
 NILES                    US AVIEX                               1056 HUNTLEY RD                        MID980794556

 NORTH BRANCH             LAPEER COUNTY RD COMMISSION MAYFIELD   4120 PLEASANT                          MID981092919

 NORTH MUSKEGON           MARATHON OIL PROD TERMINAL             3005 HOLTON RD                         MID098683659

 NORTH MUSKEGON           NAPH-SOL REFINING                      BECKER RD                              MID980992499

 NORTH MUSKEGON           OTT/STORY/CORDOVA CHEM                 500 AGARD RD                           MID060174240

 NORTH MUSKEGON           THOMPSON BROTHERS                      CELERY LN                              MID980608830

 NORTH MUSKEGON           WESCO OIL STA NORTH MUSKEGON           1481 WHITEHALL RD                      MID980992366

 NORTH SHORES             AMOCO OIL                              728 W NORTH ST                         MID981190655

 NORTHPORT                NORTH PORT DRUM                        NE1/4,SW1/4,S15,T31N,R11W              MID985584812

 NORTHPORT                NORTHPORT LAUNDROMAT                   427 SHABWASUNG                         MID980992481

 NORTHPORT                VULCAN CINCINNATI INC                  CO RD 629                              MID000809293

 NORTHVILLE               GENERAL OIL-NORTHVILLE                 175 RAILROAD STREET                    MID981001126

 NORTHVILLE               PLYMOUTH CENTER SITE                   SHELDAN RD & 5-MILE RD                 MID985586833

 NORTON SHORES            NORDCO DRUM INC JUDSON ROAD YARD       1229 JUDSON RD                         MID000826537

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 59 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORTON SHORES            THOMPSON LDFL                          SEMINOLE RD                            MID980608871

 NORWAY                   OLD NORWAY CITY LDFL                   CENTRAL AVE                            MID981198294

 NOVI                     MILEPOST 75.1                          NOVI RD                                MID980608947

 NOVI                     MUNNS LDFL SECTION 23                  MEADOWBROOK & 10 MILE RD               MID981190036

 NOVI                     PORTEC INC PARAGON OPER                44000 GRAND RIVER AVE                  MID010860542

 NOVI TWP                 ANDERSON (MUNN) LDFL                   50250 W 8 MILE RD (@GARFIELD)          MID980678528

 NUNICA                   B & J IND FINISHING                    17067 MAIN ST                          MID006410336

 ODEN                     LITTLEFIELD TWP DUMP                   MOORE ROAD                             MID980794457

 OKEMOS                   WOOD AS NEW REFINISHING                JOLLY RD                               MID981088222

 OMER                     ARENAC OMER DUMP                       TYLER PLAINS RD                        MID981959448

 OMER                     SKIDWAY DISPOSAL                       3164 KNIGHT ROAD                       MID980679765

 OMSTED                   FABCO PROD                             11695 PENTECOST HWY                    MID981188774

 ONAWAY                   ONAWAY GARAGE                          M-68 HIGHWAY                           MID981002835

 ONAWAY                   PRESQUE ISLE CO RD COMMISSION          NW1/4 SW1/4 SEC6 T33N R3E              MID981200173

 ONSTED                   PAWSON ROAD PAINT SOLVENTS             PAWSON RD                              MID981001688

 ONSTED                   WIBBELER LDFL                          6402 PAWSON RD                         MID981188279

 ONTONAGON                ONTONAGON VILLAGE DUMP                 NORIVICH ROAD                          MID099933244

 OREGON                   OREGON TWP DUMP                        2265 MILLVILLE RD                      MID980994339

 ORION & PONTIAC TWP      SANICHEM LDFL                          4901 S LAPEER RD                       MID980678304

 ORION TOWNSHIP           GENERAL MOTORS CORP BOC GROUP ORION    4555 GIDDINGS ROAD                     MID000718544
 ORION TWP                FONS GERALD MOBILE HOME PARK           LAPEER & SILVER BELL RD                MID980678767

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 60 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ORION TWP                GARAVAGLIA LDFL                        BROWN & JOSLYN RD                      MID980504799

 ORLEANS                  GRAFF & MEADE ROADS SITE               GRAFF & MEADE RDS                      MID981532880

 OSCODA                   BACHMAN ROAD RESIDENTIAL WELLS         BACHMAN RD                             MID980679609

 OSCODA                   HEDBLUM INDUSTRIES                     1000 AUSABLE RD                        MID980794408

 OSCODA                   KAUL GLOVE & MFG CO                    238 STATE ST                           MID005335898

 OSCODA                   OSCODA TWP MUNI WELL                   110 S STATE ST                         MID980991905

 OSCODA                   US AIR FORCE WURTSMITH AFB             379 COMBAT SUPPORT GROUP/CC            MI5570024278


 OSSINEKE                 OSSINEKE LAUNDROMAT                    11677 US 23                            MID981093800

 OTISVILLE                FOREST WASTE PRODUCTS                  8359 E FARRAND RD                      MID980410740

 OTSEGO                   MENASHA CORP                           320 N FARMER                           MID006012405

 OTTAWA LAKE              PIPE SUPPLY COMPANY                    6875 OLD US 223                        MID985635135

 OVID                     OVID AREA GAS CONTAMINATION            9701 W M-21                            MID981101876

 OVID                     PRIVATE RESIDENCE M00RE                322 W PEARL ST                         MID980991228

 OWOSSO                   ANN ARBOR RAILROAD YARD                600 S OAKWOOD ST                       MID980991525

 OWOSSO                   DOW CHEM CO                            135 N CHIPMAN RD                       MID980821888

 OWOSSO                   FLINT INDUSTRIAL PLATING               OLIVER RD                              MID981102288

 OWOSSO                   JOHNSON CONTROLS GLOBE BATTERY OWOSSO  951 AIKEN RD                           MID058816927

 OWOSSO                   MWA CO                                 510 S WASHINGTON ST                    MID005379078

 OWOSSO                   NUMATICS                               1150 S AIKEN                           MID980791511

 OWOSSO                   OLD LAUNDRY LAGOONS                    1660 E MAIN ST                         MID980992473

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 61 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OWOSSO                   PARTZ CORP                             1232 WEST MAIN ST                      MID985659903

 OWOSSO                   WOODARD LEE SONS INC                   317 S ELM ST                           MID001955020

 OXFORD                   LANTHIER FOUNDRY & MACH CO             411 N OXFORD RD                        MID041813023

 OXFORD                   MSP INDUSTRIES CORP                    45 WEST OAKLAND ROAD                   MID118254408

 OXFORD                   RESIDENTIAL WELL KOSS                  1452 ROY RD                            MID981002678

 PARADISE                 GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECK MUSEUM           WHITEFISHPOINT ROAD                    MID985619881

 PARADISE                 WHITEFISH TWP DUMP                     11/2MI W OF PARADISE ON M-23           MID980992713

 PARCHMENT                PLANT DUMP                             411 HERCULES AVE                       MID980678965

 PARIS                    BIG RAPIDS SAN LDFL                    2MI E OF DAZIEL COR OFF 19 MI          MID980992705

 PARKVILLE                PARKVILLE DUMP SITE                    HWY FF                                 MID000606996

 PARMA                    HICKORY HILLS TRUCK STOP               I-94 & 2496 PARMA RD                   MID060965464

 PEARL BEACH              CHESAPEAKE & OHIO RWY CO MI POST 44.0  MI POST 44.0 CHICAGO SUB DIV           MID980609408

 PECK                     GEMCO ELEC CO                          6380 BROCKWAY RD 200 YDS REAR          MID053333365

 PELLSTON                 PELLSTON DUMP VLG OF                   OFF HWY 31                             MID008268369

 PENINSULA TWP            GROUNDWATER CONT PENINSULA TWP         M-37 N OF TRAVERSE CITY                MID981200546

 PENNFIELD                CALHOUN CO RD COMM PENNFIELD           6280 Q DRIVE NORTH                     MID981187503

 PERE MARQUETTE           KALKASKA PBB CATTLE SITE               EIGHT POINT & PINE RDS                 MID981526056

 PERE MARQUETTE TWP       MASON COUNTY LDFL                      W1/4 NE1/4 T18N R18W                   MID980794465

 PETOSKEY                 JPT INC                                221 W MITCHELL                         MID118738012

 PETOSKEY                 MICHIGAN TRANSPORTATION CO             US 31                                  MID981002744

 PETOSKEY                 PETOSKEY LDFL                          HOWARD & RIVER RDS                     MID980991392

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 62 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PETOSKEY                 PETOSKEY MUNICIPAL WELL FIELD          200 W LAKE ST                          MID006013049

 PETRIEVILLE              ARCH RD HOMES EATON RAPIDS TWP         ARCH RD                                MID980990949

 PIERSON                  CENTRAL SAN LDFL                       2545 AMY SCHOOL RD OLD 13              MID980413074

 PINCONNING               BAYVIEW FOOD PROD #2                   2650 N HURON                           MID981092851

 PINCONNING               MAGLINE INC                            503 MERCER                             MID005392162

 PITTSFORD                LOCK WOOD ENTERPRISES LDFL             784 SQUAWFIELD RD                      MID081219826

 PLAINWELL                A-1 DISPOSAL LANDFILL                  JEFFERSON STREET                       MID059695452

 PLAINWELL                ANO-KAL CO                             734 JERSEY ST                          MID006406102

 PLAINWELL                COMMERCIAL PUMPING & INCINERATION      400 BROAD ST                           MID980616809

 PLAINWELL                DRUG & LAB DSPL INC                    102 S MAIN ST                          MID980989230

 PLAINWELL                DRUG & LABORATORY DISPOSAL INC         331 BROAD STREET                       MID092947928

 PLAINWELL                KEWAUNEE SCIENTIFIC EQUIP              100-322 ACORN                          MID020887485

 PLAINWELL                LAKE DOSTER SUBDIVISION AREA           LAKE DOSTER DR                         MID981002850

 PLAINWELL                NEO-TECH (IST)                         939 INDUSTRIAL PARKWAY                 MID980903009

 PLAINWELL                PLAINWELL MUN WELL #2                  CORNER OF M89 & DOUGLAS                MID980994230

 PLAINWELL                RESIDENTIAL WELLS M-89                 1208 W M-89                            MID981002777

 PLEASANT PLAINS TWP      WASH KING LAUNDRY                      NW1/4 SEC22 T17N R13W                  MID980701247

 PLYMOUTH                 CHESAPEAKE & OHIO RR CO PLYMOUTH YARD  900 STARKWEATHER                       MID980609283

 PLYMOUTH                 DIAL TRUCKING                          14015 HAGGERTY RD                      MID003782935

 PLYMOUTH                 EVANS PRODUCTS DITCH                   ADJACENT TO 13101 ECKLER RD            MI0001401660

 PONTIAC                  ANKERSON RESOURCE SYST                 400 S BOULEVARD                        MID980678536

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 63 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PONTIAC                  FISHER CLEANERS & LAUNDRY              8311 HIGHLAND ROAD                     MID980991236

 PONTIAC                  FONS J & CO                            6451 E MCNICHOLS ST                    MID053319828

 PONTIAC                  GMC PONTIAC FIERO PLANT                900 BALDWIN STREET                     MID005356910

 PONTIAC                  GMC PONTIAC MOTOR DIV                  ONE PONTIAC PLZ                        MID005356886

 PONTIAC                  GMC TRUCK & COACH DIV PONTIAC EAST     660 S BLVD E                           MID005356902

 PONTIAC                  GMC TRUCK AND BUS, PONTIAC             600 SOUTH SAGINAW                      MID985579267

 PONTIAC                  GREAT LAKES CONTAINER CORP             415 COLLIER RD                         MID093048957

 PONTIAC                  INDUSTRIAL SERV OF AMERICA LDFL        3951 JOSLYN RD                         MID980608624

 PONTIAC                  NATURAL RESOURCE CONSERVATION INC      4400 S LAPEER RR1                      MID980680037

 PONTIAC                  PONTIAC CITY DUMP                      KENNETT ROAD                           MID980609382

 PONTIAC                  PONTIAC LDFL CITY OF                   575 COLLIER RD                         MID980504666

 PONTIAC                  US ARMY PONTIAC STORAGE FAC            ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MI4210021420

 PONTIAC TWP              OAKLAND COUNTY RD COMMISSION LDFL 2    BALD MOUNTAIN ROAD                     MID980678940

 PORT HURON               A & B WASTE DISPOSAL                   3541 32ND STREET                       MID050599075

 PORT HURON               GRAND TRUNK RR                         GRISWOLD & MICHIGAN                    MID981533425

 PORT HURON               HOOVER CHEMICAL REEVES PRODUCTS        3905 32ND STREET                       MID056998198

 PORT HURON               KETTLEWELL LDFL                        ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID000721688

 PORT HURON               PRESTOLITE WIRE CORP PORT HURON        3529 24TH ST                           MID005359294

 PORT HURON               WINCHESTER DSPL                        3521 PETIT ST                          MID980991186

 PORT SHELTON TWP         HAVEN GARBAGE & RUBBISH SANICO SOUTH   CROSWELL ST                            MID980678809

 PORTAGE                  AGA INC                                3615 E CENTRE ST                       MID041114422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 64 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PORTAGE                  PACKAGING CORP OF AMERICA              9031 SHAVER RD PO BOX 128              MID017176488

 PORTAGE                  PORTAGE - FAIRFIELD AREA               FAIRFIELD AVE                          MID980992697

 PORTAGE                  PORTAGE CITY SAN LDFL                  9000 S WESTNEDGE                       MID980499792

 PORTAGE                  PORTAGE MUN WELL PERSHING #2           7800 SHAVER ROAD                       MID980994222

 PORTAGE                  UPJOHN KAL WAREHOUSE & DISTRIBUTION    701 EAST MILHAM ROAD                   MID000821512

 PORTLAND                 PRIVATE RESIDENCE WIRTH                11711 PIONEER                          MID981089642

 PORTLAND                 TRW MICHIGAN DIV                       902 LYONS RD                           MID006017693

 POTTERVILLE              SHANCE HIGHWAY PAINT WORKS             SHANCE HWY                             MID980991210

 PRESCOTT                 HENDERSON LAKE ROAD MILTS TWP          5290 EAST HENDERSON LAKE ROAD          MID981953375

 PRUDENVILLE              RESIDENTIAL WELLS BIRCHWOOD ROAD       107 BIRCHWOOD                          MID981526072

 QUINCY                   ACORN BUILDING COMPONENTS              42 COLE ST                             MIT270012818

 QUINCY                   ESSEX GROUP INC                        US HWY 12 BOX 98                       MID064716079

 QUINCY                   VALLEY IND INC QUINCY PRODUCT DIV      150 S MAIN ST                          MID001846526

 RAISIN TWP               RAISIN TOWNSHIP LDFL #1                SUTTON RD & RAISIN CTR HWY             MID980499818

 RAMSAY                   RAMSAY VLG DUMP                        SOUTH RIVER RD                         MID981093818

 RANDVILLE                GROVELAND MINE                         STAR RTE 1 3MI E OF RANDVILLE          MID000780296

 RAPID CITY               RESIDENTIAL WELL RAPID CITY            ROUND LAKE RD                          MID981192644

 RAPID CITY               SCOTT RESIDENTIAL WELL                 GARFIELD ST                            MID980992119

 READING                  READING VILLAGE DUMP                   LILAC RD                               MID981188204

 READING                  WAGNER IND INC                         311 ELM ST                             MID042158329


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 65 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 REED CITY                MANN RESIDENTIAL WELL                  LAKOLA RD                              MID980992085


 REED CITY                RANCOUR MACHINE PROD INC               710 E CHURCH ST                        MID006019673

 REED CITY                REED CITY LDFL                         230TH AVENUE & HERSEY ROAD             MID985616754

 REED CITY                ROSE LAKE TWP RESIDENTIAL WELLS        US 131 N ON E ROSE LAKE RD             MID980994214

 REED CITY                TUBELITE                               HOLDENVILLE ROAD & MACKINAW TRIAL      MID981001779

 REVENNA                  RESIDENTIAL WELLS RAVENNA TWP          BLACKMER & METHANEY                    MID981532948

 RHODES                   BENTLEY TWP DUMP                       ESTEY RD                               MID980991756

 RICHARD TWP              VESTABURG OPER (SIA)                   VESTABURG RD                           MID980414148

 RICHLAND                 PRODUCTION PLATED PLASTICS INC (SIA)   9899 EAST 'D' AVE                      MID047153077

 RICHLAND                 RICHLAND ALLIED OIL CO                 8060 N 32ND ST                         MID981096142

 RIGA                     ESTECH GENERAL CHEM CORP RIGA PLANT    7450 RIGA HIGHWAY                      MID068103514

 RIVER ROUGE              AMOCO OIL CO RIVER ROUGE               205 MARION ST                          MID000809517

 RIVER ROUGE              DETROIT EDISON RIVER ROUGE             1 BELANGER PARK DR                     MID000718379

 RIVER ROUGE              GENERAL CHEMICAL CORP THE              800 MARION AVE                         MID980678700

 RIVER ROUGE              MARBLEHEAD LIME CO                     25 MARION AVE                          MID041798398

 RIVER ROUGE              MICHIGAN MARINE TERMINAL               225 MARION STREET                      MID981192347

 RIVER ROUGE              SHELL OIL CO RIVER ROUGE               700 SO DEACON ST                       MID068819648

 RIVER ROUGE              TEXACO INC TEXACO USA DIV              245 MARION AVE                         MID000722363

 RIVER ROUGE              ZUG ISLAND-NATIONAL STEEL, GREAT LAKE  OFF W JEFFERSON                        MID980502058

 RIVERVIEW                FEDERAL MARINE TERM                    18099 W JEFFERSON                      MID980504765

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 66 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIVERVIEW                GENERAL ELECTRIC DETROIT APPARATUS     18075 KRAUSE AVENUE                    MID050616622
 RIVERVIEW                MONGUAGON CREEK CONTAMINATION AREA     W 1/4 SECT. 5 TWP 4 N RANGE 11 E       MID985663749

 RIVERVIEW                MONQUAQON CREEK                        JEFFERSON AW BRIDGE @ MONQUAQON CREEK  MID985613454

 RIVERVIEW                PENNWALT CORP BRINE FIELD              S OF PENNSYLVANIA & W ELECTRIC         MID980608640

 RIVERVIEW                RIVERVIEW LDFL                         20455 GRANGE RD                        MID980608657

 RIVES JUNCTION           JACKSON CO RD COMM RIVES               RIVES JUNCTION RD                      MID981188097

 RIVES JUNCTION           SANFORD DUMP                           8727 LANSING AVE                       MID980608749

 ROCHESTER                CARDINAL LDFL-VETERANS DSPL            2571 HAMLIN RD                         MID980504567

 ROCHESTER                ITT HIGBIE MFG CO                      4TH & WATER ST                         MIT270013352

 ROCHESTER                LEAR SIEGLER INC NAT TWIST DRILL &     6841 N ROCHESTER RD                    MID000826511
 ROCHESTER                SOUTHEASTERN OAKLAND CO INCIN AUTH     1741 SCHOOL RD                         MID981190085
 ROCKFORD                 KNAPE INDUSTRIES                       10701 NORTHLAND DR                     MID006545347

 ROCKLAND                 ROCKLAND TOWNSHIP DUMP                 ADDRESS UNREPORTED                     MID980005870

 ROCKWOOD                 KUEHN BROTHERS INC.                    32850 CLEVELAND STREET                 MID095410395

 ROCKWOOD                 OTTAWA SILICA CO MI DIV ROCKFORD       33620 STREICHER RD                     MID006960587
 ROGERS CITY              ROGERS CITY LDFL                       CHURCH HWY                             MID980499834

 ROGERS CITY              US STEEL CORP CALCITE PLT              55MI SE OF MACKINAW BRIDGE             MID980608939

 ROMEO                    FORD MOTOR COMPANY ROMEO ENGINE PLANT  701 EAST 32 MILE ROAD                  MID078400165

 ROMEO                    PREDMORE                               65545 MOUND RD                         MID980609317

 ROMEO                    RESIDENTIAL WELLS 32 MILE ROAD         19505 32 MILE RD                       MID981534993

 ROMULUS                  CHEM-CENTRAL                           13395 HURON RIVER DRIVE                MID042430751

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 67 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROMULUS                  CHEMICAL RECOVERY SYSTEMS INC          36345 VAN BORN RD                      MID060975844

 ROMULUS                  CIW ROMULUS SITE                       39209 ECORSE ROAD                      MID173679887

 ROMULUS                  FEDERAL SCREW WKS NUT DIV              34846 GODARD RD                        MID044970754

 ROMULUS                  GM POWERSTRAIN DIV-ROMULUS ENGINE OP.  36880 ECORSE ROAD                      MID000809905

 ROMULUS                  NORTHLINE DRUM SITE                    PARCEL 20AA SE1/4 SECTION 20 T35 R 9E  MID985642123

 ROMULUS                  REPUBLIC TOOL & DIE                    45000 VAN BORN RD                      MID005377841

 ROMULUS                  SAFETY-KLEEN CORPORATION SERVICE       35201 CRANE ROAD                       MID000722694
 ROMULUS                  VAN DUSEN AIRPORT SERVICE              10100 HARRISON                         MID109194076

 ROMULUS                  WICKS ELEMENTARY                       NE OF WICKS SCHOOL 36900 WICK          MID980679898

 RORCHESTER               SANDFILL LDFL #1                       1843 HAMLIN RD                         MID981190077

 ROSCOMMON                DNR FOREST FIRE EXPERIMENT STA         CO RD 103                              MID981002645

 ROSCOMMON                ITT HANCOCK IND                        10161 NORTH ROSCOMMON ROAD             MID041115106

 ROSCOMMON                LEONARD CRUDE OIL CO                   M-18 & S LINE RD                       MID980991830

 ROSCOMMON                SOUTH BRANCH TWP M-18 RES WELL         5453 M-18 HWY                          MID981959422

 ROSCOMMON                UNKNOWN SOURCE SUSPENDED GAS STA       M-18 S OF M-18 & M-76                  MID980992689

 ROSE CENTER              OLD MARLOWE LDFL                       PEPPER RD ROSE CENTER RD               MID981188691

 ROSE TOWNSHIP            CEMETERY DUMP SITE                     8905 NORTH MILFORD ROAD                MID980794663

 ROSE TWP                 ROSE TOWNSHIP DUMP                     1065 DEMODE RD                         MID980499842

 ROSEVILLE                ESSEX GROUP INC                        15700 COMMON RD                        MID042433458

 ROSEVILLE                TECH PLATING INC                       30546 GROESBECK HWY                    MID040560831

 ROSEVILLE                US CHEMICAL CO INC                     29163 CALLAHAN ROAD                    MID006523385

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 68 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROTHBURY                 KURDZIEL IRON IND INC                  2625 WINSTON RD                        MID006025217

 ROTHBURY                 RESIDENTIAL WELL ROTHBURY              2752 FOREST AVE                        MID981188527

 SAGINAW                  AGRICO CHEMICAL COMPANY                2405 VASSAR ROAD                       MID061895090

 SAGINAW                  BORDEN CHEM SMITH DOUGLAS DIV          3010 HOLLAND RD                        MID068824655

 SAGINAW                  BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP LDFL              HACK & N OUTER DR                      MID093821502

 SAGINAW                  BUSCARINO SITE                         MICHIGAN AVENUE & HOLLAND AVENUE       MID985579184

 SAGINAW                  CITY DISPOSAL CO                       214 FLORENCE AVE                       MID003783107

 SAGINAW                  FARM BUREAU SERV                       800 S OUTER DRIVE                      MID070290721

 SAGINAW                  GMC DELCO CHASSIS SAGINAW              2328 EAST GENESEE AVENUE               MID005356845
 SAGINAW                  GREEN POINT LDFL                       3300 SALT ST                           MID000296756

 SAGINAW                  HALL BARREL CO                         6823 BAY RD                            MID047183967

 SAGINAW                  LUFKIN RULE                            1700-2000 HESS                         MID985584598

 SAGINAW                  OUTER DRIVE LDFL                       7000 OUTER DRIVE                       MID980792022

 SAGINAW                  RUBEN SCHULTZ-FORMER TANNERY           1000, 1115 & 1225 N. WASHINGTON        MID985663756
 SAGINAW                  SAGINAW PAINT/CONSUMER POWER/GRAND     344 W GENESSEE AVE                     MID980991715
 SAGINAW                  SAGINAW RIVER                          17MI FROM TITTABAWA RIV TO BAY         MID980995526

 SAGINAW                  SAGINAW TOWNSHIP LANDFILL              SOUTH CENTER ROAD                      MID000722710

 SAGINAW                  SAGINAW TOWNSHIP-ARTHUR LANDFILL       4101 ARTHUR                            MID072779390

 SAGINAW                  SAGINAW TOWNSHIP-O'CONNOR LANDFILL     1705 OCONNOR ROAD                      MID980615843

 SAGINAW                  SEVERENCE TOOL IND INC                 3790 ORANGE                            MID005393384

 SAGINAW                  SHIELDS MFG PAINTS                     1320 S GRAHAM RD                       MID981531536

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 69 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAGINAW                  WICKES ENGINEERING                     1621 E HOLLAND AVE                     MID085033173

 SALEM TOWNSHIP           SALEM LANDFILL                         FIVE MILE & CHUBB ROAD                 MID980499859

 SALINE                   FORD MOTOR CO SALINE PLT               7700 MICHIGAN AVE                      MID009305665

 SALINE                   HOOVER UNIVERSAL INC SALINE DIE        232 MONROE ST                          MID980795512
 SALINE TOWNSHIP          JOHNSON PRODUCTS SITE                  1813 SIX MILE RD.                      MI0001889310

 SAND LAKE VLG NELSON     RESIDENTIAL WELL SAND LAKE             EAST OAK ST                            MID981094873
 SANDUSKY                 YALE RUBBER                            180 NORTH DAWSON                       MID981097488

 SANFORD                  D & G LAUNDROMAT                       3307 W RIVER RD                        MID981532872

 SANFORD                  DOW CHEM DUMPSITE                      OFF US 10                              MID980678726

 SANFORD                  RESIDENTIAL WELL NORTH NINE MILE RD    1179 N NINE MILE RD                    MID981097454

 SANFORD                  SHEPARD RD DUMP                        SW1/4 SE1/4 SEC10 T13N R2W             MID981097462

 SARANAC                  LACKS IND INC                          6138 RIVERSIDE                         MID080359433

 SARANAC                  SARANAC LANDFILL                       IVAN ROAD                              MID980702815

 SARANAC                  SARANAC MUN WELL FIELD                 RIVERSIDE DRIVE                        MID980703029

 SARANEC                  LEIGH PROD INC                         460 MAIN ST                            MID006017404

 SAUGATUCK                SAUGATUCK TOWNSHIP LANDFILL            134TH AVENUE                           MID980499891

 SAULT STE MARIE          ESSEX GROUP INC                        1301 W 10TH ST                         MID980608905


 SAULT STE MARIE          SAULT STE MARIE DSPL UNION CARBIDE     SPRUCE ST                              MID980992457

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 70 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAULT STE MARIE          SOO TWP PETERMAN SITE                  M129 1/3MI SOUTH OF 3MI RD             MID981785173

 SAULT STE MARIE          SUPERIOR SANI LDFL                     3 MILE ROAD                            MID980679864

 SAULT STE MARIE          TRANSPORTATION SPILL                   I-75 @ SAULT STE MARIE                 MID980992671

 SCHAFFER VILLAGE         SCHAFFER RESIDENTIAL WELLS             2139 N 24W 20C                         MID980679732

 SCHOOLCRAFT              BIEWER JOHN A CO OF SCHOOLCRAFT        400 14TH ST                            MID050598366

 SCOTTVILLE               BARCLAY IND LDFL                       11/2MI W OF M-31                       MID980992663

 SCOTTVILLE               SCOTTVILLE DUMP                        FIRST ST                               MID089964704

 SCOTTVILLE               SCOTTVILLE OIL FIELD                   NORTH OF 1ST ST E OF GORDON RD         MID981200116

 SCOTTVILLE               SCOTTVILLE PRINTSHOP                   US 131 & SUGAR GROVE RD                MID981089931

 SHARONVILLE              CROWN CORK & SEAL INC                  11550 MOSTELLER ROAD                   OHD004236170

 SHELBY                   OCEANA CANNING CO                      97 W 2ND ST                            MID006013387

 SHELBY                   SHELBY PROCESSING FOOD IND             133 LINCOLN                            MID980992440

 SHELBY TWP               G & H LDFL                             3160 23 MILE RD                        MID980410823

 SHEPARD                  STANLEY OIL CO                         121 N CHIPPEWA ST                      MID980992424

 SKANDIA                  SKANDIA RESIDENTIAL WELLS              SEC 13 18 24 & 19 SKANDIA QUAD         MID980679773

 SODUS                    SODUS HARD CHROME INC                  3085 YORE AVE                          MID057393159

 SOLON                    COMMERICAL WELLS CEDAR VLG OF          VILLAGE OF CEDAR                       MID980991681

 SOMERSET                 TOM'S AUTO & TRUCK                     US 12 & US 127                         MID981188071

 SOMMERSET                SOMMERSET (SHAW'S) TWP/BARREL DUMP     JEROME RD                              MID980994305

 SOUTH BOARDMAN           DOWELL CO                              SOUTH US 131                           MID080342322

 SOUTH HAVEN              HAMLIN OVERTON FRAME CO INC            125 ELKENBERG ST                       MID044211324

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 71 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTH LYON               QUANEX CORP                            400 MC MUNN                            MID082767591

 SPARTA TWP               SPARTA LDFL                            10322 ALPINE AVE                       MID000268136

 SPRING ARBOR             HOFFMAN IND                            RTE 60                                 MID980678825

 SPRING ARBOR             SPRING ARBOR COLLEGE                   SPRING ARBOR RD                        MID002448728

 SPRING LAKE              AMERICAN ELECTRIC FL INDUSTRIES INC    203 CUTLER AVENUE                      MID080356876

 SPRING LAKE              INTEGRATED METAL TECH                  17155 VAN WAGONER RD                   MID006025845

 SPRING LAKE              MILLPOINT PARK SITE                    SCHOOL STREET                          MID982071094

 SPRING LAKE              SANICO NORTH GRAND GARBAGE CO LDFL     17095 144TH ST                         MID980678783

 SPRING LAKE              SUPERIOR PLATING                       214 N PARK ST                          MID980992416

 SPRING LAKE              VAN'S REFINISHING                      16884 144TH AVE                        MID981094832

 SPRINGFIELD              20TH STREET GAS SPILL                  DECKMAN RD & 20TH ST                   MID981188287

 SPRINGFIELD              BROWN'S MOBILE HOME PARK               1301 AVE A                             MID033105479

 SPRINGFIELD              CENTRAL IRON & METAL INC               75 N 14TH ST                           MID016724114

 SPRINGFIELD              DICKMAN ROAD AUTO PARTS                3500 W DICKMAN RD                      MID980678718

 SPRINGFIELD              MARTIN VOGT PLATING COMPANY            780 LAFAYETTE                          MID005395389

 SPRINGFIELD              SPRINGFIELD WELLS-LAFAYETTE            STRUT AREA                             MID980991202

 SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP     SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP DUMP              12955 SHINDLER ROAD                    MID980499966


 SPRINGPORT               RESIDENTIAL WELL FERRIS ROAD           FERRIS RD                              MID981188063

 ST CHARLES               THOMSON PRODUCTS                       12030 BEAVER RD                        MID002935872

 ST CLAIR                 BIEWER JOHN A LUMBER                   600 OAK ST                             MID980612873

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 72 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST CLAIR                 DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT CO (SIA)          916 S RIVERSIDE AVE                    MID005317185

 ST CLAIR                 RIVERSIDE TANK & MFG CORP              1230 CLINTON AVE                       MID005339080

 ST CLAIR                 SANITARY LDFL AREA #2                  THOMAS RD-GRAVEL PIT                   MID980499883

 ST CLAIR                 ST CLAIR COUNTY RD COMMISSION LDFL #1  6799 SMITH CREEK ROAD                  MID980678353

 ST CLAIR SHORES          SOUTH MACOMB DISPOSAL AUTHORITY (LDFL  20001 PLEASANT ST                      MID069826170

 ST IGNACE                MORAN TWP DUMP                         CHEESEMAN RD                           MID980992655

 ST JOHNS                 INDUSTRIAL PHOSPHATING CO              6035 KREPPS RD                         MID041806191

 ST JOHNS                 SEALED POWER CORP                      916 W STATE ST                         MID005515614

 ST JOHNS                 ST JOHNS CITY LDFL                     KINLEY RD                              MID980991079

 ST JOSEPH                AUTO SPECIALTIES MFG CO                643 GRAVES ST                          MID005119748

 ST JOSEPH                BENDIX CORP/ALLIED AUTOMOTIVE          3737 RED ARROW HWY                     MID005107222

 ST JOSEPH                FORMER WHIRLPOOL CORP PLANTS 3         UPTON DRIVE                            MID005477773
                          THROUGH 6

 ST LOUIS                 ALMA IRON & METAL CO                   115 N STATE                            MID016702912

 ST LOUIS                 GRATIOT COUNTY GOLF COURSE             EDGEWOOD GOLF COURSE                   MID980794531

 ST LOUIS                 GRATIOT COUNTY LDFL                    585 E JACKSON RD                       MID980506281

 ST LOUIS                 VELSICOL CHEMICAL MICH                 500 N BANKSON ST                       MID000722439

 ST. CLAIR SHORES         AUTOMATIC DIE CAST                     33101 HARPER AVENUE                    MID088751300

 ST. CLAIR SHORES         F & W BARREL WAREHOUSE                 5830 KLETTNER ROAD                     MID985569573

 ST. JOSEPH               CROWN CORK & SEAL COMPANY, INC.        3545 SOUTH LAKE SHORE DRIVE            MID005082839

 ST. LOUIS                MILL STREET SUBSTATION                 412 MILL STREET                        MID981099245

 ST. LOUIS                ROYSTER COMPANY (MIDWEST)              730 EAST WASHINGTON                    MID985613447

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 73 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STANDISH                 AMOCO OIL CO                           I-75 & M-61 JCT                        MID980992572

 STANDISH TWP             STANDISH LINCOLN LDFL                  PALMER RD                              MID981526098

 STEPHENSON               STEPHENSON CITY DUMP                   SEC 23 T35N R27W                       MID980499982

 STERLING                 RESIDENTIAL WELLS STERLING VILLAGE     HWY M-76                               MID981959430

 STERLING HEIGHTS         FORD MOTOR COMPANY STERLING AXLE       39000 MOUND ROAD                       MID044255420

 STERLING HEIGHTS         KOCH ROAD DUMP                         15MILE ROAD BTWN RYAN/MOUND @COOKS     MID980609259

 STERLING HEIGHTS         RED RUN DRAIN LDFL                     BETWEEN MAPLE LN & HAYES RD            MID980992564

 STERLING HTS             WARHOOPS USED AUTO & AUTO PARTS        7575 181/2 MILE ROAD                   MID017429143

 STERLING TWP             SOUTH MACOMB COUNTY AUTHORITY          SECTION 25                             MID980499933

 STEVENSVILLE             CAST MATIC                             2800 YASDICK DR                        MID052865383

 STEVENSVILLE             NORTH ROOSEVELT ROAD AREA              ROOSEVELT & GLENLORD RDS               MID981001704

 STEVENSVILLE             PARAMOUNT DIE CAST STEVENSVILLE        4947 RED ARROW HWY                     MID005135785

 STOCKBRIDGE              STOCKBRIDGE AG DEPOT                   CENTER ST NEAR M-52                    MID981101074

 STOCKBRIDGE              STOCKBRIDGE MFG CO                     422 E MAIN ST                          MID005325261

 STRONACH                 HARLAN'S LDFL                          FRANKLIN RD SEC 29                     MID042491936

 STRONACH                 MARTIN MARIETTA LINKE RD               LINKE RD AT FOX FARM RD                MID981537020

 STURGIS                  MARTIN PROD CO                         M-66 N                                 MID046397402

 STURGIS                  STURGIS FNDRY                          1000 W WEST ROAD BOX 568               MID005226600

 STURGIS                  STURGIS LDFL CITY OF                   BIG HILL RD                            MID980994263

 STURGIS                  STURGIS MUNICIPAL WELLS                505 W CHICAGO RD                       MID980703011

 STURGIS                  WEST LAFAYETTE ST STURGIS              700 WEST LAFAYETTE                     MID005174339

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 74 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SUMMERFIELD TWP          HUGHES CHEM DUMP SITE                  COUNTY LINE RD                         MID981192610

 SUMPTER                  CITY SAND & LANDFILL INC               46805 WILLOW RD                        MID020850442

 SUPERIOR TOWNSHIP        AMERICAN SYNTHETICS SITE               10996 CHERRY HILL ROAD                 MI0001118694

 SUTTONS                  RESIDENTIAL WELL BRIGGS                M-22                                   MID981089659

 SUTTONS BAY              FRIGID FOODS                           CR633, SUTTON BAY TOWNSHIP             MID047152970

 SWARTZ CREEK             BERLIN & FARRO                         8322 S MOORISH RD                      MID000605717

 SYLVAN POINT             BAY DE NOC OIL CO                      LAKESHORE DR                           MID980992580

 TAWAS CITY               STRAITS AGGREGATE & EQUP CORP          610 OAK STREET                         MID006009096

 TAYLOR                   PENNFILL LDFL                          21280 PENNSYLVANIA                     MID981101066

 TAYLOR                   TAYLOR SPILL                           DALY & INTERSECTION AT GODDARD ROAD    MID985661131

 TAYLOR                   TEXACO INC TEXACO USA DIV              24501 ECORSE RD                        MID046075107

 TECUMSEH                 MEYERS BOATS                           9133 CLINTON TECUMSEH RD               MID005035407

 TECUMSEH                 TECUMSEH CITY DUMP                     SEC 34                                 MID980678395

 TECUMSEH                 TECUMSEH PRODUCTS INCORPORATED         100 EAST PATTERSON STREET              MID005049440

 TEKONSHA                 HAWLEY OIL CO BULK PLT                 T DRIVE                                MID980998793

 TEMPERANCE               NOVACO IND                             9411 SUMMERFIELD RD                    MID084566900

 THOMAS                   THOMAS TWP LDFL                        GLEANER RD                             MID980994313

 THOMPSON                 THOMPSON SPILL                         US 2 AT M-149                          MID980997605

 THREE RIVERS             THREE RIVERS ANODIZING CO              RTE 2 BOX 25-1                         MID980501977

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 75 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 THREE RIVERS             THREE RIVERS RES WELLS                 MILLARD COURT                          MID041934639


 THREE RIVERS             TRAVEL ACCESSORIES                     15016 M-60 W                           MID054645874

 THREE RIVERS             WELLS W F & SONS INC                   16645 HEINBACK RD                      MID005157060

 THREE RIVERS             WESTSIDE LDFL                          ROBERTS RD                             MID981188535

 TORCH LAKE               TORCH LAKE TWP                         US 131                                 MID008350191

 TRAVERSE CITY            AVENUE 'E' GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION   AVENUE E                               MID980791461

 TRAVERSE CITY            BURWOOD PRODUCTS CO INC                807 AIRPORT ACCESS RD                  MID006025100

 TRAVERSE CITY            CHERRY CAPITOL AIRPORT SPILLS          SEC12 T27N R11W SW SE                  MID981189897

 TRAVERSE CITY            CONE DRIVE - TEXTRON                   14TH STREET                            MID980992648

 TRAVERSE CITY            ESSEX GROUP INC                        1110 S WOODMERE AVE BOX 169            MID080363344

 TRAVERSE CITY            ESSEX GROUP INC                        BARLOW & CY ARPT RD PO BOX 727         MID980609028

 TRAVERSE CITY            FRONT STREET AREA                      FRONT ST BTW PARK & BOARDMAN           MID981528862

 TRAVERSE CITY            FRONT STREET PROP                      3643 W FRONT ST                        MID981096100

 TRAVERSE CITY            GRAND TRAVERSE OVERALL SUPPLY CO       10725 CHERRY BEND RD                   MID017418559

 TRAVERSE CITY            KOONS RESIDENTIAL WELL                 660 E ARBUTUS LAKE RD                  MID980992101

 TRAVERSE CITY            KROUPAS INC                            11586 CENTER RD                        MID007875198

 TRAVERSE CITY            LONG LAKE GROCERY                      9374 N LONG LAKE AVE                   MID052495793

 TRAVERSE CITY            PARTS MFG PLT (SIA)                    ADDRESS UNREPORTED BOX 112             MID980412860

 TRAVERSE CITY            PINE GROVE SUBDIVISION                 EAST BAY TOWNSHIP                      MID980703060

 TRAVERSE CITY            PROGRESSIVE TOOL & DIE INC             829 DUELL RD                           MID095939245

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 76 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TRAVERSE CITY            RESIDENTIAL WELL BRIDGES               12510 W BAY SHORE                      MID981096126

 TRAVERSE CITY            RESIDENTIAL WELL EAST BAY              775 LAE GEORGE                         MID981089675

 TRAVERSE CITY            STOCKING SALVAGE CO                    JEFFERSON ST                           MID980678361

 TRAVERSE CITY            TOTAL PETROLEUM INC                    896 MUNSON ST                          MID980992390

 TRAVERSE CITY            US COAST GUARD AIR STA                 AEROPARK DR SEC12 T27N R11W            MI7690308708

 TRAVERSE CITY            WATEROUS TRAVERSE CITY GRAY IRON,      2455 AERO PARK DRIVE                   MIT270013030
 TRENTON                  CHRYSLER CORP CHEM DIV                 5437 W JEFFERSON                       MID005358049

 TRENTON                  DETROIT EDISON CO                      502 QUARRY RD                          MID000722462

 TRENTON                  MCCALLA J R                            19278 VREELAND RD                      MID980678866

 TRENTON                  MCLOUTH STEEL CORP                     1491 W JEFFERSON AVE                   MID017422304

 TRENTON                  MONSANTO CO                            5045 W JEFFERSON AVE                   MID009708678

 TRENTON                  MONSANTO COMPANY TRENTON RESINS PLANT  5100 WEST JEFFERSON                    MID074246919

 TRENTON                  VULCAN MOLD & IRON CO                  1251 FORT ST                           MID005392832

 TROUT CREEK              INTERIOR TWP LDFL                      1MI S OF TROUT CREEK                   MID980992630

 TROUT LAKE               TROUT LAKE MOD OPEN DUMP               11/2MI E OF TROUT LAKE                 MID980992622

 TROY                     FONS SAN LDFL                          6870 DOENGES RD                        MID980504781

 TROY                     FORD MOTOR CO DETROIT SUPPLY &         2500 E MAPLE RD                        MID057680324

 TROY                     NORTHEAST LANDFILL INC                 1720 SOUTH BLVD                        MID980609267

 TWIN LAKE                DUFF ROAD DUMP                         DUFF RD & DALSON RD                    MID980992614

 TWINING                  MASON TURNER TOWNSHIP LDFL             MAPLE RIDGE RD                         MID981526064

 TWO RIVERS               TWO RIVERS SITE                        DRUM FLOATING IN LAKE MICHIGAN         MI0985572544

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 77 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 UNION                    HILLTOP LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS         2481 US 12 E RTE 1                     MID026919282

 UNION CITY               BENNETT MFG CO                         7899 M-60E                             MID005431473

 UNION CITY               MUNICIPAL WELLS UNION CITY             RAILROAD ST                            MID981188261

 UNION CITY               SCHAFER MANUFACTURING/HAWKENS          105 W HIGH STREET                      MID980992523
 UNION CITY               UNION CITY IND PLT 2                   COLDWATER RD                           MID980992382

 UNION CITY               UNION CITY IND PLT 4                   M-60 & ARBORGAST RD                    MID980615017

 UNION LAKE               UNION LAKE RADIATION SITE              2776 PINTO DRIVE                       MI0001091214

 UNION PIER               SOUTHWEST BERRIEN COUNTY LDFL          BOX 253                                MID980499941

 UTICA                    AMERICAN LEGION PROPERTY               46146 CASS AVE                         MID980678510

 UTICA                    CAROLEE STREET AREA                    49921 CAROLEE ST                       MID981002710

 UTICA                    CLOSED HAMLIN ROAD LDFL EAST           3451 HAMLIN RD                         MID980506307

 UTICA                    CLOSED HAMLIN ROAD LDFL WEST           3451 HAMLIN RD                         MID981200181

 UTICA                    HAMLIN DEV CO                          2925 HAMLIN RD                         MID060979663

 UTICA                    LIQUID DISPOSAL INC                    3901 HAMLIN RD                         MID067340711

 UTICA                    MALLOW LDFL                            HAMLIN ROAD BETWEEN RYAN & DEQUENDER   MID981002785

 UTICA                    RAMONA PARK SAN LDFL                   6255 ASHBURN RD                        MID980413066

 UTICA                    RYAN RD & 23 MILE RD SITE              RYAN RD                                MID981002652

 UTICA & SHELBY TWP       CARDINAL LAND CORP BFI IND INC         CASS AVE & RUBY RD                     MID980678635

 VAN BUREN CITY           LAWRENCE DUMP SITE                     SEC 32 OF LAWRENCE TWP                 MID980504724

 VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP       VAN BUREN DEVELOPMENT CO LDFL          5070 ECORSE ROAD                       MID982075616

 VANDERBILT               H AND H TUBE AND MFG                   108 GARFIELD                           MID000718585

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 78 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VASSAR                   CASS RIVER COATINGS                    211 SHERMAN ST                         MID058799271

 VASSAR                   EATON MFG                              700 E HURON                            MID005513262

 VERMONTVILLE             RESIDENTIAL WELLS SHAYTOWN RD HOMES    2701 2774 2901 SHAYTOWN RD             MID980991061

 VERMONTVILLE             VERMONTVILLE LDFL                      WEST VERMONTVILLE HWY                  MID980006837

 VESTABURG                RESIDENTIAL WELLS VESTABURG            8522 VESTABURG RD                      MID981194475

 VICINITY OF HOWELL       SHIAWASSEE RIVER                       M59 TO STATE RD LIVINGSTON COU         MID980794473

 VICKSBURG                STEWART SUTHERLAND INC                 5411 EAST AVE                          MID005346812

 CITY                     FOREST                                 STEUBEN
 WAKEFIELD                WAKEFIELD DUMP CITY OF                 2MI NE WAKEFIELD LEFT OF M-28          MID980992606

 WALKER                   KARECKAS FARM                          4192 FOUR MILE ROAD                    MID981088198

 WALKER                   ROZEMA INDUSTRIAL WASTE INCORPORATED   2900 PEACHRIDGE AVENUE                 MID000647032

 WALKERVILLE              WALKERVILLE GUN CLUB                   RTE 1                                  MID980992374

 WALLED LAKE              WALLED LAKE MERCURY SITE               1476 OAK SHADE ROAD                    MID985578418

 WALLOON LAKE             WALLOON LAKE VLG MAIN ST GW CONT       HWY 75                                 MID981785058

 WALTON                   MATHEWS RD AIRSTRIP                    MATHEWS RD                             MID980991038

 WALTZ                    MARTINSVILLE ROAD DSPL SITE            5MI S WILLOW & MARTINSVILLE RD         MID980702997

 WARREN                   CARBOLOY INCORPORATED                  11177 EAST EIGHT MILE ROAD             MID044254423

 WARREN                   GREAT LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES     22077 MOUND ROAD                       MID087478574

 WARREN                   HOOKER CHEM & PLASTIC CORP UDYLITE     21441 HOOVER RD                        MID056717747
 WARREN                   METAL CABINET CO                       25280-25410 RYAN RD                    MIT270011877

 WARREN                   STA BRITE PLATING INC                  25855 GROESBECK HWY                    MID055653133

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 79 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WARREN                   SUPERIOR POLISHING                     1949 TEN MILE ROAD                     MID005503693

 WARREN                   TUFF KATE DINAL INC                    25200 MALVINA ST                       MID059895177

 WARREN                   US ARMY TANK AUTOMOTIVE COMMAND        6501 EAST 11 MILE ROAD                 MI5210022781

 WASHINGTON               TRAVEL PROD INC                        62919 KUNTSMAN RD                      MID064186125

 WASHINGTON TWP           WALKER LAND RECLAMATION INC            5001 31 MILE RD                        MID980792014

 WATERFORD                TRANSIGN INCORPORATED                  3777 AIRPORT ROAD                      MID006007967

 WAYLAND                  BUSH OIL COMPANY                       309 CLARK STREET                       MID980588495

 WAYLAND                  GOODALE WAYLAND FAC                    SE CORNER 10TH ST & 131ST AVE          MID981528185

 WAYLAND                  RESIDENTIAL WELL MINER                 805 132ND AVE                          MID980992598

 WAYLAND TWP              SUNRISE LDFL                           132ND ST                               MID980679856

 WAYNE                    DYNAMITE PARK                          NE1/4 SE1/4 SEC28 T2S R9E              MID980994164

 WAYNE                    FORD MOTOR CO WAYNE ASSY PLT           37625 MICHIGAN AVE                     MID005379706

 WAYNE                    TRILEX CORP                            44052 YOST RD                          MID980679872

 WAYNE                    WOODLAND MEADOWS LDFL NORTH            4620 HANNAN RD                         MID000810408

 WEIDMAN                  MICH-WISC PIPELINE CO                  LEASE RD TO STORAGE GAS WELL 3         MID980993414

 WELLS TWP                US DEPT OF DEFENSE DFSP ESCANABA       US HWY 41                              MI2971590003

 WELLSTON                 CONSUMERS PWR CO RIGHT OF WAY          NW1/4 OF SE1/4 SEC36 T22N R14W         MID981197981

 WEST BRANCH              HORSESHOE LAKE RD WEST BRANCH          3799 HORSESHOE LAKE RD                 MID981192578

 WEST BRANCH              OSCEOLA REFINING CO                    2790 S REFINERY RD                     MID079290532

 WEST OLIVE               LIQUID WASTE SERV INC                  14250 CROSWELL ST                      MIT270012230

 WESTLAND                 COOPER SCHOOL SITE                     28611 ANN ARBOR TRAIL                  MID981189905

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 80 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WESTLAND                 NATIONAL AIRPORT SITE                  HIX RD                                 MID981190044

 WESTLAND                 THE NANKIN TOWNSHIP DUMP               INTSEC. OF COWAN AND WARREN ROADS      MI0000092569

 WESTLAND                 WESTLAND CITY HALL                     36601 FORD RD                          MI0001016757

 WESTLAND                 WILSON DRAIN                           28433 JOY ROAD                         MID985569250

 WESTON                   STAUFFER CHEM CO                       3940 SUMMIT ST                         MID005039458

 WHITE CLOUD              RESIDENTAL WELL BASSWOOD ROAD          4752 BASSWOOD RD                       MID981188543

 WHITE CLOUD              WHITE CLOUD MUN WELL FIELD             1137 WILCOX AVE                        MID980703003

 WHITE PIGEON             EDDY PAPER CO                          INDIAN PRAIRIE RD                      MID981092414

 WHITE PIGEON             UNIQUE GLAS CO INC                     RTE 1 PO BOX 354 W FAWN RIV RD         MID070985056

 WHITE PINE               CARP LAKE TOWNSHIP                     43 MAPLE                               MID980504575

 WHITEFORD TWP            MICHIGAN STONE CO                      STERNS RD JEFFS & WHITEFORD RD         MID008902769

 WHITEHALL                HOWMET CORP PLT #14                    555 BENSTON RD                         MIT270011497

 WHITEHALL                HOWMETT PLT #4                         699 BENSTON RD                         MID980998561

 WHITEHALL                MUSKEGON CHEM CO                       1725 WARNER ST                         MID072569510

 WHITEHALL                MUSKEGON COUNTY WWTP WHITEHALL         HOLTON RD                              MID980998470

 WHITEHALL                SHELL CAST                             3282 COLBY RD                          MID006014948

 WHITEHALL                WHITE LAKE LANDFILL INC                3278 COLBY RD                          MID095949624

 WHITEHALL                WHITEHALL LEATHER CO                   900 LAKE ST                            MID004414330

 WHITEHALL                WHITEHALL MUNICIPAL WELLS              718 EAST COLBY                         MID980701254

 WHITEHALL                WHITEHALL WELL #4                      BENSTON & WARNER STREET                MID980994180

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 81 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WHITMORE LAKE            HOOVER UNIVERSAL INC FOAM DIV          435 W 8 MILE RD                        MID072766124

 WHITMORE LAKE            SPIEGELBURG LDFL                       9631 MAIN ST                           MID981102007

 WHITTEMORE               MICHIGAN GYPSUM CO (SIA)               3425 BRITT RD                          MID042438788

 WILBER                   MULTI COUNTY LANDFILL                  EAST TAWAS                             MID981188550

 WILLIAMS                 DOW CHEM CO ROCKWELL RD LDFL           ROCKWELL RD MID-BAY CO LINE RD         MID980994271


 WILLIAMSBURG             INTERNATIONAL FRUIT CO                 YUBA RD                                MID980992515

 WILLIAMSTON              MODERN METAL PROCESSING INC            3448 CORWIN RD                         MID099664732

 WIXOM                    FORD MOTOR CO WIXOM ASSY PLT           50000 GRAND RIVER EXPY                 MID005379714

 WOODBURY                 WOODBURY VILLAGE OF                    T4N R6W SW1/4 NW1/4                    MID980994172

 WOODHAVEN                MARATHON WOODHAVEN CAVERN SITE         24400 ALLEN RD                         MID980612337

 WOODHAVEN                MOBIL OIL CORP WOODHAVEN               20089 WEST RD                          MID000722231

 WOODLAND PARK            WOODLAND PARK BALDWIN SUB DIV          MILEPOST 60.4                          MID980609390

 WYANDOTE                 FIRESTONE STEEL PROD CO DIV FT & R CO  17423 W JEFFERSON                      MID095396065

 WYANDOTTE                BASF WYANDOTTE CORP                    1609 BIDDLE AVE                        MID064197742

 WYANDOTTE                BASF WYANDOTTE CORP SOUTH WKS          4001 BIDDLE AVE                        MID980272561

 WYANDOTTE                CENTRAL AVE WYANDOTTE                  CENTRAL AVE NEAR 8TH ST                MID980678650

 WYANDOTTE                CHEMMET SERV INC                       18550 ALLEN RD                         MID096963194

 WYANDOTTE                DIVERSEY WYANDOTTE CORP                1532 BIDDLE AVE                        MID000721670

 WYANDOTTE                GROUP EIGHT TECHNOLOGY                 2246 3RD STREET                        MID985568039

 WYANDOTTE                HIEDEN FARM                            22063 SIBLEY RD                        MID980678817

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 82 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WYANDOTTE                LOWER ECORSE CREEK DUMP                470 NORTH DRIVE                        MID985574227

 WYANDOTTE                OAK STREET SITE                        2803 OAK STREET                        MI0001118959

 WYANDOTTE                PENNWALT CORP                          4655 BIDDLE AVE                        MID005363114

 WYANDOTTE                PRODUCTION FINISHING CORP.             4261 13TH STREET                       MID005356282

 WYOMING                  BELFER DRUM & BARREL                   4336 HANSEN AVE                        MID017073222

 WYOMING                  BENTELER INDUSTRIES                    3721 HAGEN DRIVE SOUTHEAST             MID000776104

 WYOMING                  GENERAL MOTOTRS CORP AC ROCHESTER DIV  2100 BURLINGAME AVENUE                 MID017079625


 WYOMING                  GRM INDUSTRIES                         420 50TH STREET SOUTHWEST              MID005356175

 WYOMING                  KAMINGA MFG CO                         1337 JUDD AVE SW                       MID006011464

 WYOMING                  OLD KELLYS DUMP                        MARQUETTE ST                           MID981532930

 WYOMING                  ROZEMA IND WASTE INC                   2650 THORNWOOD ST                      MID000266957

 WYOMING                  SPARTAN CHEM CO                        2539 28TH ST SW                        MID079300125

 YANKEE SPRINGS TWP       MISAK LDFL SITE                        1075 S PATTERSON                       MID980506596

 YFSILANTI                GENERAL MOTORS CORP POWERTRAIN         ECOURSE ROAD                           MID980587893
 YORK TWP                 PIGHINS SAND PIT                       4850 WILLIS & CRANE                    MID980499743

 YPSILANTI                FORD LAKE                              BETWEEN GROVE & HURON RIVER DR         MID981188766

 YPSILANTI                FORD MOTOR CO                          128 FACTORY ST                         MID005379847

 YPSILANTI                FORD RAWSONVILLE                       TEXTILE & MC KEAN RD                   MID005379888

 YPSILANTI                GM ASSEMBLY DIVSION WILLOW RUN PLANT   2625 TYLER ROAD                        MID005356795

 YPSILANTI                GM HYDRAMATIC                          AIRPORT DR                             MID020088241

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 83 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 YPSILANTI                MARSH PLATING CORP                     103 N GROVE                            MID005371661

 YPSILANTI                MOTOR WHEEL CORP                       717 NORRIS ST                          MID006536221

 YPSILANTI                NORRIS IND                             2085 E MICHIGAN                        MID055658207

 YPSILANTI                OLD YPSILANTI SLUDGE DSPL              CLARK RD                               MID981188170

 YPSILANTI                SILVERTONE PLATING CO                  7 EMERICK                              MID006526859

 YPSILANTI                STOP & GO HURON RIVER DRIVE            819 HURON RIVER DR                     MID981188220

 YPSILANTI                TEXTILE ROAD SITE                      TEXTILE RD                             MID980825558

 YPSILANTI                THOMAS SOLVENTS RAWSONVILLE            MCKEAN RD                              MID109189712

 YPSILANTI                WILLOW RUN AIRPORT                     BOX 801                                MID045330313

 YPSILANTI                WILLOW RUN CREEK                       3MI FROM BELLEVILLE LAKE NW            MID981089238

 YPSILANTI                WILLOW RUN SLUDGE LAGOON               STATE ST 1/4MI E OF MCGREGOR           MID981089246

 YPSILANTI                WOLVERINE DISPOSAL                     1060 RAWSONVILLE RD                    MID086148202

 YPSILANTI                YPSILANTI TWP LDFL                     1S HURON ST                            MID980991087

 YPSILANTI TWP            WIARD'S SURPLUS STORE                  2310 E MICHIGAN AVE                    MID981101348

 ZEELAND                  ZEELAND CHEMICALS INCORPORATED         215 CENTENNIAL ST                      MID083684290

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 84 of 84

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